LG 4167B making coasters!

Hi guys ,

A friend of mine has the LG 4167B and it was very good untill he upgraded his PC and flashed the drive from DL12 to DL13 !
Then it began to make coasters of Sony MIJ D21 burnt at any speed , 8X , 12X or 16X , the discs themselves have those ugly color changes rings :eek:

I will downgrade his f/w and see , but is there anything else I should do ?

Trying other media.
Trying other speeds.

Maybe the power supply issue this drive is known?

Thank you guys for the replies .
My friend only has those Sony D21 MIJ (very good media) and they worked very well before from the same spindle .
His PSU is HEC 350 Watt which he paid an arm and a leg for it , he also has GeForce 7600GT card that I told him to remove and activate the built-in Intel G900 (his mobo is Gigabyte 945G) , just because I thought the card is drawing too much power from the LG and I am aware of the PSU problems of the LG .
It is those strange rings of shades on the data side of discs that drive me mad , the discs are also unreadable !!

Concentric areas of different shades are nothing to fear, the readers rarely mind them.

I had an unfortunate encounter with a 4167B a while ago, and there is an old thread somewhere in here with all of my burns made by that 4167B. I got fed up and sent it back after it made several coasters in a row from TYG02 discs.

I tried his drive on my PC with the same media and the discs came with less Concentric areas of different shades and had excellent TRT .
My PSU is 8$ supercrap while his is a good brand , I told him to change his round IDE cable and defrag his HDD

You can try to crossflash it to DJ13.