LG 4167B high external noise level with CDs?

I just installed a new LG 4167B burner, replacing the LG-4163B I had before. This thing howls like a banshee when I insert a CD - it’s obviously spinning the disc up to top speed and generating a lot of noise and vibration. It does this with all CDs, both data and music. It’s quiet enough with DVDs though, apparently spinning them at a much slower speed. I never noticed anything like this noise level with the 4163B, or my previous 4040B, and it’s irritating me a lot. I’m wondering if this unit is defective, slightly out of balance or bad motor bearing or something. I’m thinking of trying to exchange it, but I’d like to know if any other 4167B users have noticed antyhing like this with their drives.

My 4167B is rather quiet whether you put in an audio CD or a DVD. The motor spins up a bit but that is about it. It acts pretty much the same way as my 4163B does.

Did you screw the 4167B in properly with 4 screws? I’m asking because sometimes people only use 2. If you don’t screw the drive in properly, part of the casing might be vibrating when the drive spins up, sounding a bit like a roar.

Just use Nero Drivespeed to slow the CD speed down. :wink:

Yes, I used 4 screws. Screwing it in firmly just transmits the noise and vibration more strongly to the case. Then I tried using rubber mounts instead. That reduces the transmission of noise and vibration slightly, but not much.

Thanks for the suggestion, I didn’t realize that Nero Drivespeed could do that. But it’s not really a solution. I have to cut the max speed to 10x before the noise and vibration goes away (it’s still there at 40x, 32x, 24x, and 16x). I can cut the default spin timeout to 30 seconds, but it’s still annoying. And I’d have to leave Drivespeed running all the time. I think this drive is going back.

Maybe it’s just the “quality” of the media you have tried with so far…

I’ve tried dozens of CDs (and DVDs) with it. Certainly there’s a slight difference, as some are invariably better balanced than others to spin at high speed. But the noise and vibration is too high with all of them. I can feel the drive rumble through the floor and through my desk as it spins up the CD, and the whining vibration at full speed overpowers the quieter whoosh of air that’s more normal for a disc spinning at high speed.

You can feel the drive rumbling through the floor??! That is definitely not normal. I can’t even hear my 4167B at all except for the sound of the motor spinning up, which sounds like a fan being turned on.

One last thing you can do is to try and connect the drive up to another system and see if it seems to be just as loud. If it isn’t then it might be something to do with your case. I doubt it though, or you would have noticed the same thing with your 4163B (as a rough gage, both drives are about equally quiet). If the drive is just as noisy on the other system, something is probably not right mechanically and you should have it exchanged. This is just a test to confirm if that is the cause of the problem.

Well, I swapped it for another 4167B, and it’s better - but I still have to say that this is the noisiest drive I’ve ever heard. Reading DVDs at its normal 8x read speed it’s fine; put in a CD and it immediately spins it up to 48x, sounding like a jet taking off. But the vibration level is lower with the replacement unit, so it’s not quite as annoying.

I should have checked some other forums - it seems that lots of other people have already posted complaints about this drive’s excessive noise level with CDs.