Lg 4167b drive tray?

i have my lg installed now, and the drive tray when clicked has about a second or so delay before opening, the light is flashing on the unit. I’m just curious whether this is normal, it burns all my media fine.

mine does the same, its probebly just checking the disc is parked corectly before opening the drive.

Yes, this sounds normal. You only have to breath on mine though and the flipping thing shuts!!

Yup, typical LG writer behaviour. My 4163B and 4167B both behave that way. What I actually suspect it is doing is that it is spinning the disc down before ejecting.

ok thanks for the input, also upon a cold boot the drive will make a clunk noise whilst the light is flashing, this noise however doesn’t happen at any other period. I read the forums and saw that it could be due to the heavy duty mechanism starting up inside the drive.


Don’t know about this. Never noticed it before but I’ll pay attention the next time I start my system up. It’s a different system from the one I’m using now.

no clunking noise here :disagree:

mines intermitent, happens sometimes, others not. I’ll give it a few more days before I get worried. It only clunks once on first bootup before the page displaying all my hdd’s and drives even shows.

its not my lg drive, its my pioneer 106 dvd-rom drive making the noise, but its only occured since i put the lg drive in. I’ll make a post on the pioneer forums now. :slight_smile: