Lg-4167b Dj13 F/w




I’ve flashed my LG-4167B with Dangerous Brothers’ DJ13 f/w.

How can I flash back to DL13?



You’ll need to download the stock firmware.
Look here http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=120485


rapid fire,

I’ve already tried this. The flasher presents the message: “Can’t find the target drive”.

The same message is shown when trying to flash back with TDB’s 4167B firmware versions.



The DJ13 firmware you used is a third party firmware patched so it can flash your drive (which has DL firmware). Now, when you try to back your original DL firmware (which is not patched) the flasher won’t recognise your drive. Here you must use a “special procedure”. Run TDB patched firmware flasher and then kill the flasher process (in Task Manager). Then run stock firmware flasher and restart after it finishes. That’s all. Look here for more information.


Before you resort to pejakm’s method (which does work but is somewhat hairy), try flashing with one of TDB’s DL13 firmware first. I am not 100% sure about this, but I suspect their versions of DL13 also won’t check for what firmware was last used.


Uploaded a new rev of DL13 firmware which will support Dxxx version flashing.


Download a fresh copy and check the dates are newer, refresh browser cache, etc as appropriate.

The crash & flash method is not recommended, although it has worked for people. We try to avoid putting the drives in CORE mode if we can help it.

Brother Vlad


Thanks for that.I was coming here in case you where to release this and there it is! :clap:


Brother Vlad,

Thanks for the new rev of DL13 F/W. It flashed my burner flawlessly.

Thanks for everybody that help me in this subject.



Thank you brother Vlad. Now I know for sure about flashing back to DLxx if someone else asks.


Hi Gordon, you are flashing from the Dj version back to the standard DL version. I was just wondering if you encountered any problems with the DJ version?



I’ve found no problem at all with DJ13 F/W. I just want the burner able to be flashed again with any new LG firmware in the future. I’m still using DJ13 f/w.



just noticed something with DJ13

the hdd led flashes whenever the 4167B drive led flashes.

no such problem with DL13.


I’ve noticed this too. I don’t think it is a problem, though. It suspect it has to do with the fact that both your hard drive and the 4167B are running at UDMA4. The writer and hard drive now seem to work on the same timing. If you burn something from your hard drive, the hard drive just reads at the same time the writer burns.

Note that the Hitachi firmware for the H10N which is also UDMA4 has been observed to do the same thing.



I’m not burning anything.

the same thing happens when I run a CDSpeed test.


Which test? Transfe rate?


For everything. Even when I press the eject button with and without disc inside.

when the LG led flashes, the HDD led will flash at the same time.

note this only happens with 4167B + DJ13. Not with DL11, DL12, DL13.


Why would this be a problem?


This is absolutely no problem, because all the nec burners act the same.


Yes, I’ve noticed it too. Even when you first insert a disc in the drive and the drive link blinks while it is trying to recognise the disc - both lights will blink. I don’t see why there is anything wrong with it. I suspect that the logic behind the HDD LED is that it blinks when a UDMA4 (or faster) device is accessed. The manufacturers don’t know which channel a HD is attached to (primary or secondary) so my guess is they assumed only HDs are UDMA4 devices and configured the LED to work that way. I might be completely wrong, of course.

In any case, the strange light blinking doesn’t affect the performance of the computer or the drive, so I don’t see it as a problem.



Your suspiction is not correct. I have also a Liteon burner, as a UDM4 device, and the HDD LED does not blink when the burner is accessed, as it is happening with LG 4167B with DJ13 F/W.