LG 4167B and motherboard compatibility



Hello, I’m back again for more advice please. I apologise if the answer to my question is elsewhere, but I have looked at a lot of the other threads and as I’m not good at this stuff a lot of it doesn’t mean anything to me.So I am starting again. I last wrote in January and something Karangguni said is now relevant.

I am having a new system built for me by pcspecialists.co.uk .I would like to ask them to put into it an LG 4167B (I already have a 4163B which works perfectly on my present system, but would now like to have 2 DVD RAM drives.)

Now what K said was

"The 4167B seems to have two known problems :

  1. Some people apparently just can’t get the drive to read DVD discs of any kind. Some report it will not read DVD discs burned on other burners, but it has no problem reading discs it burned itself.
    The problem is that nobody knows what is causing this problem. One person who had this problem connected his drive to a friend’s system and it worked properly. It seems to be some kind of combination with certain motherboards where the drive just won’t work properly. Unfortunately, nobody knows which motherboards are the ones affected at the moment.
    If you want to play it safe, go for the 4163B. Just make sure you get the GSA model NOT the GWA model. GWA models are OEM ones which have no firmware support from LG."

(At that time the 4163B was still available, but not now.)

So my question (at last) is this…

The motherboard that they will put in is ASUS A8N-E DUAL DDR<S-ATA,x16 slot,3PCI etc. ( I have just copied this from the spec list, I’m afraid I don’t really understand what it all means) Does anyone know whether the 4167B will work with this motherboard? Or how do you think I could find out?

Also, if I ask them to fit the drive, will it be a GSA version?

Thanks as always for your help. Please tell me in fairly simple language if possible.



Now what K said was

"The 4167B seems to have two known problems :

First a few question and then an answer.

  1. Who is “K” ?

  2. What’s the second known problem? You only list one.

OK now for the answer. Your guys may be totally in the dark about what sometimes causes those mysterious problems but here at CDfreaks we’ve had it all figured out for ages. See this thread HERE


Hello Uart, thanks for the link, I hadn’t read all that, but I have now. K is Karangguni, who I had already mentioned earlier in my post, and the other problem he referred to was “1. Some people apparently just can’t get the drive to read DVD discs of any kind. Some report it will not read DVD discs burned on other burners, but it has no problem reading discs it burned itself.”



At the time I wrote that original message, nobody was sure what the cause of that problem was. So I just speculated based on the evidence available. Since then, the cause of that problem has become known. It has nothing to do with the type of motherboard used :


If you feel uncomfortable about getting a GSA-4167B, then take the newer GSA-H10A or GSA-H10N (if it is available) instead. The problem above does not affect these models which are successors to the 4167B.

As for whether you get a GSA model or not, that depends on the shop, not on anything else. The thing to do is to ask specifically for a GSA model. This way if you get anything else (GWA, GMA etc), you can refuse to accept the system on the grounds that you were not given what you asked for. Non GSA models (OEM) do not have firmware support from LG (too long a story), so you do not want them.


Hello again, I’m not sure if old threads that then get a new post added do get picked up on, but I’ll give it a go.
First I’d like to remind you that I’m only interested in writing and reading data from the pc to the DVD RAM discs, not movies or sound or pre-recorded discs, just pc data to formatted discs, random access.
I’ve been writing to you elsewhere on this LG Forum about the 4167B and the reasons for problems,power supply etc, but this question is about the dvdram driver that TimC told me about,
I’m getting a new system, and will want 2 DVD RAM drives. The firm building it, pcspecialist, will supply a Liteon SHM 165P6S,and I will put my LG 4163B in the other slot. [I][B]Or[/B][/I], I could have the tower with 2 empty slots and buy a second drive to install myself.
I can’t make up my mind what to do, I’ve read such a lot of problems with the LG 4167B, which it would have to be as the one I’ve got is now unobtainable.
So the questions are,

1 will that dvdram driver work on the Liteon?

2 Do you think there would be any compatibility issues with the 2 drives, Liteon and LG?

Thanks for your always helpful advice,



I’ve just had a look at my other thread, and I see you have replied, Karangguni, thankyou, telling me about other LG models.

I would still like answers to the above 2 questions, would there be incompatibilitybetween Liteon and LG, and would the driver work for a Liteon.



i think that if u put lg and liteon on one cable there will be a problem, but there is a chance that instead of this this 2 drives will not like each other. So i think that is better to buy 2 identical drives


Can’t agree with this.

Hi Ruth.

I’ve currently got my 4163B on the same cable as my Liteon 1635S (not a RAM burner obviously) plus my Benq 1620 shares with a 1650 and recently I had a NEC4570 sharing with the 1620.

With my 4570 & 4163B installed both were able to write to RAM disks and with any other sharing there have been no problems whatsoever.

I can’t answer about the driver, I suspect you might need an updated one but I’m sure someone will be able to put you right on that.

If I was buying another burner right now with RAM capability (got too many as it is) I’d go for the Pioneer 111. Actually I’d save some money & get the 111D & flash it to the 111 to burn RAM disks.


Thanks for this, I’ll look into these new drives, and I think I’ll buy the system without any DVD Drives in it and get my own, then I’ll be sure it is not OE

You’re always so helpful, thankyou.



Hello TimC, nice to hear from you again. Interesting you would choose the Pioneer, I have read a lot of the threads and thought that one sounded as if it was (hopefully) reliable and trouble free.I’ll do some more research. Think I’ll buy the set-up with no drives in it, and get my own.

Cheers, Ruth


Be careful though.

Some motherboards these days are coming with only 1 IDE controller as they are mainly SATA hard drives. These means only 2 opticals sharing the same IDE channel, not too good if you want to copy between the drives.

I might the Pioneer just for the hell of it anyway.


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Ok, this was getting quite confusing with two different threads basically going on about the same thing, so I merged them into here. The posts in this thread might be a little out of sync as a result, though.


Ruth, why do you want two writers together? The only thing I can think of is to do disc-to-disc duplication, but since you only want to work with DVD-RAM discs, I don’t really understand.

Drive choice wise, I think all 4 drives are legitimate choices. Here is a little background on the the two LG ones and the Lite-On :

  1. LG GSA-H10A
    This is essentially the successor to the 4167B. The main difference between the two in terms of features is that the H10A writes DVD+R DL discs at 8x whereas the 4167B writes them at only 6x. Burn quality is pretty good. Review for this drive is here :


From current tests, the H10A can be cross-flashed to a H10N (see below).

  1. LG GSA-H10N
    Probably the successor to the H10A. LG crazily released these drives only about 3-5 months few months apart in some countries. The main features of this drive are 12x DVD-RAM and 10x DVD+R DL. Before you get all excited about the 12x DVD-RAM, note that the discs are not available anywhere except Japan right now. Nobody knows when they will arrive in other markets.

Also, there is third party firmware which will give this drive the following features :

  • auto bitsetting
  • UDMA4 (standard firmware is UDMA2)
  • 16x DVD+/-R reading speeds (standard firmware is 10x)
  • 12-14x DVD+RW reading speeds (standard firmware is 8x I think)
  • 10x DVD-VIDEO SL ripping (standard firmware is 5x)
  • 8x DVD-VIDEO DL ripping (standard firmware is 5x)

Note that the H10A can be crossflashed to use the same third party firmware.

No reviews for this drive yet as it is very new and few people have the thing. Plenty of scans from folks who have crossflashed their H10As into H10Ns though and oen or two genuine H10N owners :


  1. Lite-On SHM-165P6S
    Burn quality is not really that good with this drive, but the this is the only drive that does DVD-RAM and quality scanning. Review is here :


Which drive you choose is up to you. Pros/cons :

Pioneer 111

  • doesn’t support bitsetting for DVD+R discs, currently no third party firmware to enable that
  • if you buy the 111D, you again need third party firmware to get the DVD-RAM function, which will invalidate the warranty of the drive
  • good burn quality but not that good for 16x DVD-R discs
  • does do quality scans but nobody knows if the scans can be trusted yet


  • good burn quality
  • can be cross-flashed to H10N (but again third party firmware invalidates your warranty)


  • 12x DVD-RAM
  • where are the 12x DVD-RAM discs?
  • can use third party firmware that adds a lot of features but again, invalidates warranty
  • seems like good burn quality (from user tests so far)

Lite-On SHM-165P6S

  • so so burn quality
  • does quality scanning, a good companion to your 4163B which doesn’t support this feature

So choose and decide based on what you need.

I can’t answer your two questions above about drive compatibility as I’ve never had a Lite-On. I do know LG writers usually work well with BenQ writers connected on the same cable, but in this case that isn’t an option for you. The only current BenQ drive which does DVD-RAM (DW 1670) isn’t that great in terms of burn quality and doesn’t do quality scans, which is sort of why most people get BenQ writers int he first place. (note : I’m deliberately leaving out the older BenQ DQ-60, which many people describe as a disaster)


Get the LiteOn for scanning :wink:
If you want 12x DVD-RAM, you should replace the 4163B with a H10N…

What’s the new features added with third party firmware? Auto-bitsetting? DVD+RW bitsetting?


My, that’s a lot of info Karangguni, thankyou. Can’t say I understand it all I’m afraid. I’d like two RAM drives so that I can move stuff (images) from one DVD to another. For example I got about 50GB of images on a holiday to Egypt. I put them on my Seagate ext. drive, then sorted them and put the best on DVD RAM, but later I will want to refine it further and put only certain ones on a different RAM disc.Otherwise I suppose I could do all this re-arranging on the Seagate, then burn a new DVD RAM.Do you think going for 2 RAM writers is a bit silly?

Does the advice about not getting an OEM version apply to all drives, for example these two new LGs, and the Pioneer 111 ? I have managed to find the Pioneer at 2 outlets, but they are both OEM versions. Would that matter? (The D version, reader-only is easy to find, the Writer one 111 is thin on the ground)

TimC, the proposed motherboard is an ASUS A8N-E and does have 2 IDE slots so should be OK?

You’re good you know,



No. It’s an unusual way of doing things but it does make sense. I don’t see anything wrong with that idea. Go for it.

Ahh… no, especially not for LGs. The OEM versions of LG writers (typically GWA/GCA/GMA-xxxx model numbers) are different from their retail (GSA model numbers) cousins. Due to a strange policy LG uses, they don’t provide firmware updates for OEM models (long story) and don’t provide support for the drives either. Because of this, my advice is to avoid these mutant OEM GWA/GCA/GMA models. They will give you a lot of pain.

Sometimes, you will see what are apparently “OEM” LG writers on sale, but which are GSA models. These are actually retail LG writers that don’t come with manuals, software or cables, typically. It is perfectly fine to purchase these.

The golden rule is the model number : avoid GWA/GCA/GMA ones. Only accept GSA models.


Thanks Karangguni,

I think you are saying that it is only the LGs OEM versions that should be avoided, and that OEMs of other makes, Pioneer, Liteon are ok. Am I right here?


Pretty much, yes. I’m not sure about Lite-On OEMs though but Pioneer ones should be ok.



I have been searching for this solution for more than a month.
I had given up the idea that i might be able to use my LG drive again.

Its the same story with me as well 4167B

my config is as follows

Athlon 2400+
ASUS K8VMX motherboard
LG 4167B
(not sure abt my power supply)

My drive was working properly when i bought it.
Subbendly it quit working
it was like it was refusing to recognise any discs that i put in, the light kept flashing.

The scenario is like this
I have tried another LG DVD ROM and a samsung DVD writer on my computer and they work fine.

fixes i have tried…

upgrading BIOS
upgrading firmware.
format and reinstall of my windows OS
using it on Fedora Linux
fixing DMA settings
using various jumper and IDE settings.

NONE of these works

The weird part is that my 4167B works on every other computer except mine so the LG ppl did not replace it as it was working on theirs.

I havent tried replacing the PSU yet, but i will surely give it a shot as it appears to be a promising fix. I am thankful to those ppl who have shared their experiences after their drive started to work but I would request them to give the specification of their new PSU as well.

I will surely come back ASAP and share my experience as well but i would request anybody to give me the specifications of the PSU that works flawlessly with the 4167B



Hello princefarhaan and welcome to the forum,

This does sound like the classic PSU issue with the 4167B. You probably want to have a look in the following thread, if you haven’t already :

There are more details on the problem in there. If you are handy with a soldering iron, you may be able to fix the problem without buying a new PSU.