LG-4167 or Benq-1655 for every day normal use



Thanks to the recommendation of some members here a few weeks ago I got the LG-4167 and I am loving it :smiley: (I wanted RAM capability)

Now recommending a drive for a friend for the normal every day use, nothing too pro. Burning an occasional -/+R/RW no RAM needed.

I guess the most important thing is good quality burns, and good media compatibility.

I believe the 4167 and 1655 would be the top there … or no???

Which do you recommend from the 2, or something else???




1655 is okay, if you want to have Lightscribe. You may also get the 1650, that is the same drive without LS. Or just get another LG 4167.



Lightscribe is not required, so its availability or not doesn’t change much.

Is the 1650 already out??? Cannot seem to find it online!


Hi :slight_smile:
The 1650 is ideal alrounder. Available here.


The problem is that the LG does not work well if on the same IDE cable. It needs it’s own cable. Your slave drive will be extremely slow, both reading and writing. LG says that you can’t even flash new firmware if there is another drive on the IDE cable. I had to redo my setup and couple my 3500 with my BenQ.


I just went thru the benq forum. It seems most stores here in the US are getting the 1650’s soon if not already on their virtual shelf.

I guess waiting a few days is not a bad idea at this point!

Thanx guys


I would suggest that your system may be the cause of your problem. Many people here have flashed LG drives on the slave setting; I always do so with no problem. Right now, my LG 4167 is on the secondary setting and the burst rate is 25541 KB/sec. This is what you need for 16X. My LG 4166 is even faster and has never had a problem with 16X burns on MCC 004s.


Yep, I’ve flashed my 4163 which is slaved to my LiteOn. No problems here, with flashing or burning.

(I’d add my 4167 settings - sharing an IDE cable with a Sony CD burner. Flashing that even though it’s sharing a cable hasn’t been a problem, either. Has problems with 16x burning, but that’s with the 40 wire cable it’s using - mobo won’t support an 80 on the secondary IDE. Stupid eMachine).


I haven’t tried flashing the LG. When I hooked it up as master and the 3500 as slave, the 3500 slowed down. I contacted LG and [I]they[/I] said that it should be on it’s own IDE cable. When I read the flashing instructions from their website, it again said that it must be on it’s own. I can tell you that the NEC wouldn’t burn anything faster than 4x when it was slave on the same cable and it burned some media at 16x before and after. Just my experience, others may have different results.



Don’t tell this to my drives :wink: My LG 4163B is connected as secondary master, sharing the (80 wire) cable with Benq 1650 (secondary slave). Both drives work fine and at full speed.
Before that, the LG was connected as slave to a Liteon 166s. Also, both drives went fine.

LG says that you can’t even flash new firmware if there is another drive on the IDE cable.
Yes, they write that into their readme files. They write the same into the readme files for their external USB/Firewire drives. :rolleyes:
Firmware update was no problem with LG connected as secondary slave with another drive connected as master.



Many system act differently. This is why LG say keep it separate for flashing. Also, they don’t want anyone flashing the wrong drive.


Better safe than sorry, it was easy for me to put the LG as secondary master. Haven’t heard of any problems from others flashing it as a slave either though.

I have the LG4167 and the LG 1655 in the same system. Have to honestly say I get better burns with the LG (DL13). The 1655 I use to scan my DVDs for errors and for Lightscribe if I need a fancy label when sharpies just will not do.

Simple solution, just get both.


I suppose you mean [B]BenQ[/B] 1655 :smiley:


I flashed my LG4167 to DL13 with no problems. So much for the LG website. :stuck_out_tongue: But, whichever drive is the slave still runs slow. Tried all combinations with all 3 drives. The slave is a dog. :confused: