Lg 4167 noise (eject)

when ejecting or entering a cd into my lg 4167 I have noticed the motor has become more noisy since when I first bought it, however I have hardly used the drive burning maybe 5 discs max on it and most of my backups are on image files so it hasnt been used for much else.

Is the lg drive normally noisy? When I say this I don’t mean loud clunks, I just mean the eject system sounds a little bit more whirry than any of my other drives.

I always get slightly worried by any strange signs from my cd/dvd drives because I’ve had a few fail on me recently abeilt one was 5 years old but I’m not used to this kind of behaveour from a drive.

edit: Oh also it hasnt experienced any read problems or write problems.

Some input or advise would be appreciated.