LG 4167 burner won't burn!

Cannot burn using LG 4167B. I have tried everything and I am so frustrated. I have attached the error log after my last attempt to burn an ISO file with Nero. I also have a Liteon CD burner that presents no problems. I have updated to the most recent firmware, no luck.

Thanks in anticipation that someone out there can help. I emailed LG but had no response.

Edit by imkidd57: removed your name and serial number from the log file, to protect your interests ;). Also corrected the burner model number.

Should be LG4167B…sorry

Hi kearle, welcome to the forum.
From your log I see your DMA is off. Try to make a TRT test with Nero CD-DVD Speed and post the results here. Also, try to find quality media like Verbatim or Tayo Yuden (PRINCO isn’t that good). One more thing - remove Nero serial number from your log!!!

EDIT: Are you using Nvidia IDE drivers? If you do, uninstall it and let Windows install it’s own drivers.


I have checked my DMA and it says “DMA If Available”. i also attempted to run tests as suggested with the following results. (refer attached).

Hope this helps.

Log File.txt (543 Bytes)

kearle, load non empty DVD into your burner and click on benchmark tab. Then start the test. After it’s finishes, click on floppy icon in upper right corner - save the screenshot and upload the picture here.

But what does the ‘Current Transfer Mode’ box below it say…?

Test crashed - refer attached

Other info requested

Hi kearle,

Any chance you could try different blank media…say Taiyo Yuden or verbatim as suggested? Perhaps you have an RW kicking around.

What is/are the device(s) on this primary IDE channel?

Sorry, I should have picked up on this…you need to check your secondary IDE controller.

Hi maineman

I tried again using TDK RW disc and Alcohol 120% This is the failed result yet again. Is there some sort of conspiracy with disc manufacturers to not make a quality disc!!!

Alcohol 120% log.txt (1.69 KB)

Something is not installed correctly…
How is the LG physically hooked up…as in cabled?
Is it on an 40 pin - flat ribbon cable with another burner?..the Liteon?
Set up as master, slave, cable select?
Do you have the jumpers set correctly?

Hopefully, someone, who knows more than I do…shouldn’t be too hard to find… :bigsmile:… will jump in and help us out.

Yes to all the above. I am considering disconnecting both drives, booting up windows and then reinstalling. Does this sound logical?

Yes, I was about to suggest exactly that…
>Uninstall both off the device manager…both from the CD/DVD drives and the IDE channels.
>Power off
>Physically, unplug the Liteon, leave it unplugged.
>Power up and let xp reinstall.
You may want to unplug the LG…power up and down, plug it back in and then do the LG install ( I know it seems like overkill…)

Good advice…and when you can, look for a good 80-wire cable (no rush though, my 4167 was fine hooked up with a 40-wire). :slight_smile:

You just need to give us more information. How is your drive connected? Try this:
set options in Nero speed as in the picture below, and test non empty disc. Capture the screen and post the picture here.

Whew!!!..thanks Arachne…I was beginning to think I was here all by myself… :doh:

And you were managing just fine ;)…just thought I’d pop in with the 80-wire cable thing :slight_smile:

I do know that LG drives can be slightly on the picky side media-wise, though.