LG 4167 bad writing

Can anyone tell me why my LG with DL13 firmware starts writing this media very nicley then suddenly goes off its sane.

Sorry no Idea why. Maybe if you posted it in the LG thread some one can tell you.

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Very strange. Two possibilities; either the media is bad or the scan is bad. Assuming it is not fake, a scan this bad should be unplayable. Are you seeing this? Also it is possible you got a bad flash you might try again. Last, the LG 4167 will burn this at 12X. Were you at max or at 8X? Are you on an 80 wire cable? Possibly in an external enclosure?

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I am using the LG 4167 on IDE 80 pin cable.
The media is rated at x8 but the LG offers to do it at x12
this what happened if I burned at the x12 speed.
you can actually see on the disc the burn difference!

I’m just guessing here…but from what I’ve learned in the Blank Media forum, Hyundai is known for fake/crappy media.

That is probably the problem.

Yep, you’re burnig media with Yuden000T02 media code but it’s anyones guess as to who the true manufacter is. Try burning one at 4x and one at 8x and tell us what the results are like.

Hyundai are fake Taiyo Yuden. So that sort of result is to be expected.

Try and stick to qualiy media like verbatim and Real Taiyo Yuden

I have done a scan for another 12 speed written dvd and one at 8 speed . If it is a bad media why 8 speed writing is excellent ?

Let’s just say the quality of these discs can obviously vary, so it’s best to buy your Taiyo Yuden discs from reputable sellers (that way, you know what you are getting…if you are in any doubt about where to find genuine Taiyo Yuden, ask in the Blank Media forum - those guys know their stuff!), either as unbranded TY, or Plextor-branded TY etc.

If 8x works for you with those discs, then great, they won’t be wasted! Just be careful with Hyundai (or preferably, don’t buy them at all) in future…

Just my opinion, others may differ :wink:

Exactly, Hyundai media should be avoided.

This is a scan for the same disc, burned at X12 with Pioneer 110 with firmware 1.39
I can’t see this as a bad media.


You see the little floppy icon in the top right of the K-Probe window? Click that to save your scan as a .png file…it makes the pic smaller, with good quality. It’s annoying having to scroll to see big pic attachments. :wink:

And as I said, if the discs burn fine…then great, use them. But as chef said, they really should be avoided…

Unless you want to take risks with you data, you should avoid any fake. It is just not worth it, trust these guys. Junk is junk and it can bite you in the backside months later when you find you are re-burning 100s of DVDs.

I had to do this with Ritek media that turned into trash after only 3 months, and there are still Ritek users out there who didn’t follow this advice and are finding out that they were burned. It is not a good time.

The quality of the scans may look fine now but there is no guarantee those discs will last. Do you really want to risk your data on those pieces of junk?

Look, we are not making this stuff up. See here :

especially post #9 in there. The person who wrote that has insider information on disc companies in Korea.

Yup, it’s the old story with like PRINCO media! :Z
You can get “ggod burns”, but that’s all.

I’ve just today read something about a DVD recordable media test about quality and long-term quality and the winners were
[B]Verbatim DVD-RW
Maxell DVD±R
and some SONY media[/B].