LG 4167 and CD/DVDspeed

I recently bought an LG4167 for it’s ram capability. After burning a few dvds, first I find out that you have to set the booktype, each and every time - it can’t be set as a default, and now I see that you can’t do a disc quality scan using cd/dvdspeed. What’s up with this company? Why do they leave out features that every other manufacturer has and most users want? Even NEC finally came around on the scanning. :a

If you had read our review before purchasing it, you wouldn’t be suprised! :wink:

DOHHH! :doh:

Yes but they came up with marginal, erratic, unreliable, useless scanning. With the exception of the 3540 maybe.

Better NO scanning than misleading scanning if you ask me! :iagree:

Different manufacturers implement different things in their drives. You’ll be surprised what they don’t want to include. Some manufacturers, refuse to include DVD+R booktyping at all. LG isn’t the only company that doesn’t support scanning (although like you, I wish they would). Quite a few don’t support that. Until recently, LG was one of the few companies that supported DVD-RAM writing.

However, I do want to strangle the people in LG for their recent firmware support, especially for certain older models of drives.

I can’t help you with the inability of the drive to do scans. However, something can be done about the booktyping problem. This is the link to the original forum where Alexnoe’s utility was discussed :


I mentioned this in another thread where you were asking about booktyping. This is a command line utility which will let you set the booktype for LG writers. It doesn’t sound like much, but it can be run from your startup folder. If you set it up that way, it will set the booktype for DVD+R and DVD+DL discs to DVD-ROM every time you restart your system. It is almost as good as permanent booktyping, and you won’t need to set the booktype yourself anymore. That link I posted above has instructions on how to use it from the author himself.

Yes, I took advantage of alexnoe’s command line for bitsetting and it works fine. Thanks again to Alex. I’m still ticked that we have to go thru this for a feature that should be included and addressed by the manufacturer. I’ve learned, several times now, how unresponsive LG’s customer service is with this drive and an LG dvd player that I own. :Z