LG 4166B under Linux problem


I have just setup an Ubuntu Linux distrib on my PC. My 4166B burner seems to be well recognized, at least, I can read CD/DVD.

Yesterday, I try to burn on a DVD-RW using K3B (but I also try gnomebaker). It fails to erase the DVD without a clear message.
I try to do the same with my old NEC DVD burner, no trouble.

Does someone use a 4166B under Linux ? If so, did you make something special ?

Thanks in advance !

Did you try with Nero Linux ? :confused:


no I did not try Nero Linux, I do not have it.

But I try :

  • K3B
  • Gnome Baker
  • dvd+rw-format
  • Nero under VMWare
    unsuccessfully each time.

dvd+rw-format works fine with my (old) NEC burner.