LG 4166B and DVD-R

hi ,i am having a strange thing ,i have this dvd-r disc with some movie clips on it made by the dvd of a laptop , when i put it in the lg 4166 it only recognize that this is dvd-r with no title or data upon it reads 0 free space and 0 used space and with nero the booktype is dvd-r , i have the firmware 1.02 and every other thing work well , the strange is when i put the same disc in any other dvd but not lg brand it is read correctly and when i used the dvd+r of the same quality of the disc the lg could see it right ,so i wonder does this lg 4166 have troubles withe dvd-r discs? and is there any solution for this?

much obliged

you may have a faulty unit or a faulty dvd-r disc; check for the inner circle the write starts on the disc… perhaps there is a larger diameter for the -R media… like the Samsung’s new units does, this impeting disc to be recognised by the drive.

in fact the unit can read all other dvd-r discs made by me or others except this one !, meanwhile the same disc is read by other units ! i checked the inside and found two circles small and large one but what to do with that? and if the unit is faulty how can i confirm?

If it is only that disc you should not worry… perhaps other unit would gave you a coaster, LG tried and burned ok. If the problem argued reapear then you should worry; You should also check your burning software.

thanx for reply

but as regard burning the unitworks very good with no problem and as regard reading the unit could do all the job except only for this disc for a reason i donot know till now , but anyway thanx

another problem appeared to me , it seems that the drive doesnot like the pleomax dvd-r media and this is ok , so i brought sony dvd+r discs but a bulk disc tried to burn over it and no success it gives me seek error so i wonder would it be the cheap media problem or the drive itself? inspite the drive just burned cds and another dvd media in a peaceful quiet way

or this maybe due to insufficient system requirments of the pc?

If other discs did burned ok this has nothing to do with your PC specifications.