LG 4166 scan with YUDEN000 T02

I have read a few comments from some people who felt that the LG 4166 was not a good burner because it used a Panasonic chipset, unlike the usual LG burners. I thought I would post a scan, burned at 8X on an LG 4166, 1.01.

Very nice burn :iagree: :clap:

Yeah, same though here…

I’m not sure if the 4167B is the same, but I get very good burns with TY 02s on that.

I think the 4167 is the standard LG chipset.

The issues with the Panasonic chipset is not with 8x burns but with 16x burns.
Most drives out there can do high quality on TY02 @ 8x.

I know you are an 8x fan but maybe you can post a few scans of 16x burns in the name of science…hehe

I’ll see what I can do.

Here is some MCC -R Verbatim 16X, burned at 12X with 1.01 firmware. I should have some MCC 004 later today.

Since you asked so nicely, I burned this MCC 004 at a full 16X. Glad I stocked up on this stuff at the last Office max sale. When the 8X is gone, this will be my new stock media.

Nice burn :wink:

Nice, very nice!

I guess when you take the firmware out of Panasonics hands and put it with a group that knows how to tweak, the chipset is capable of some incredible results…

Thanks chas.

Glad to. I learned something, I have never seen a 16X burn that good. It is better than the MCC 003 at 8X. Someday, when TY gets around to shipping YUDEN000 T03 to the US, I’ll give them a try as well.

Very good scans Chas :clap: :clap: :clap: :slight_smile:

Thanks again. I just wish I could take some of the credit but everything here is stock at rated speed.

My scan.

I wish I had a decent scanning drive so I could post results :sad:

If you want to see other LG 4166 burns scanned on BenQ, look here :