Lg 4166 come back



after long stoppage of the dvd capability of the drive due to unknown cause , i accidentally installed the drive into a more powerful pc with a higher power supply and put in a dvd disc but still read nothing , so i putted the drive on its side and reput the disc and what a thing ! it is read !!! i tried dvd rom and it was ok i tried dvd+r lg type and it was ok i tried dvd-r and it is not read :frowning: so as some of the cheaper +r :frowning: , is it just a luck? or it can be a real come back if i do a clean and reflash and more power supply? ???


It could help to open the drive, clean and put new grease on the rail the PUH is mounted on. This will void your warranty.


the warranty is already ended ,if u have a more clear way on how to clean and to grease the drive it would be appreciated