Lg 4165b burning audio from a .cue file

i have lg 4165b, im trying to burn audio cds that has .wav and a .cue file.
i use nero 7, when choosing the .cue file i have only the dao and dao/96 options to burn, i choose dao/96, then it tells me to place an empty cd, after i put it nero says “cannot burn track at once with this drive”, is there any way to burn cds like that with this drive ?
(also i need to burn them at dao/96 because of the known problems with this drive at dao and audio cds).,.

Then use the originals or create your own compilation by using the wav files.

it is .flac files converted to .wav, the .cue file contains the original cd information, such as gaps and id, I really want to use it…

can cdrdao.exe burn at dao/96? i can see some really nice frontends…

First, I suggest flashing the drive to DL05 which was recently released. It might fix the audio CD problem you mentioned. The 4167B (essentially the same drive with different firmware) had the same problem with burning audio CDs and it was fixed with a firmware update. Owners of that drive no longer need to use DAO/96.

After that try burning with just DAO and see if it works.

shouldn’t it be written in the firmware changelog ?

Burrrn (www.burrrn.net) will burn directly from flac files. Saves messing around with conversions & Nero.

can anyone confirm that the dl05 firmware fixes the audio subchannel thing (first track couldnt be read by some home stereo or portable cd players when written not at dao/96)?
i dont have a cd player that ever had problems with this, but the cds i burn must be compatible with all cd players.

also did anyone try burnatonce, the ‘compile’ button under audio mastering doesnt do anything on my computer when pressed, this program seems to have more options than burnnn…

and last thing (about burnnn) if i have flac files and a cue that points to .wav files, how do i burn it with burnnn without the conversions ?

Assuming that the flac files are individual tracks then you just add then to the compilation in Burrrn. When it burns it does the conversion on the fly.

It should but sometimes the changelog can be distinctly vague. In this case, I don’t know for a fact that it does but since it has been fixed with the 4167B, I am assuming it should be with the 4165B as well. Many 4165B owners got tired of waiting for firmware updates for their drives and simply cross flashed with 4167B firmware.