LG -4164B Selling in HK........info updated



Today, I go to double check the new drive LG-4164B in HK computer malls.
Here is the info. :

-Drive made in Koera; :iagree:
-Support 4X -R(DL); :iagree:
-No support of DVD-Ram :sad:

The outlook is a bit different from 4163B.

I have take some photo of it by using my mobile phone. But sorry to all, the photo quality is not good ! :confused:


Thanks so much! :bow:

Why don’t you get a new LG phone? :bigsmile: (5-megapixel and 640*480 30fps and QVGA.)


No DVD-RAM? It says so on the box, or is it just my eyes.


So, if I read the text correctly, it’s a GWA-4164B, another black sheep like the GWA-4161B? Should we expect different hardware and no future firmware support for this drive as well?


Better wait for official release.


The boxed drive is the GSA-4163B. The 4164Bs are the bare drives shown.


Non-retail models are more likely to be sold without box. Doesn’t make sense to do all the box works for drives meant to be sold to OEM buyers in mass quantity. Some of my friends who are still in this business sometimes do exactly such works, extremely boring and time-consuming if you are doing 1,000 units at once.

Those were made in South Korea, at LG’s Pyoungtaek lines, because the quantity’s very limited compared to GSA-4163B. LG sells China-made drives even for South Korean domestic distribution.