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Hi - new to this forum so please be patient!
My dvd drive is one of the hybrids on a dell machine as mentioned in this thread. It has stopped recognising blank dvd+r and cdr discs so i cannot burn to them. Any suggestions on how I can sort this out. I was going to try finding drivers to reinstall and see if this sorts it but after reading the info about the problems in finding updates I am not sure how to proceed.
Thanks for reading this and for any help you can provide.

I have the same DVD drive. I am attempting to read some DVD+R disks which I used for backups a couple years back. No luck. None fo the disk is even recognized by the drive - it just keeps spinning.

I no longer have a DVD+R disk drive but figured that a DVD-RW drive could at least read these disks.

Am I wrong?

If not, do I need to do anything special to once again be able to read these disks?

Any help would be MOST appreciated.

Hi and Welcome!

is your drive able to handle new discs?

Depending on the quality of the discs and storage conditions, writeable media like DVD+R or DVD-R etc. might heavily degrade, so it is (nearly) unreadable in some drives.
If you managed to read these discs using another drive, it’s time to backup the discs on high quality media asap.