LG 4163B & XP Compatibility



Hi guys,

I have just recently purchased a LG 4163B external USB drive (An LG 4163B internal drive, housed in a External USB drive casing, see here ) and am having real issues with it.

The Burner works fine as a CD reader, but isnt detected as a CD/DVD burner in Nero (which comes with it…). Additionally, inserting a blank CD or DVD into the drive causes XP to grind to a halt, although taskman shows around 2-6% CPU usage. I can recover from this ‘virtual’ hang by pulling the USB connection, and everything springs back into life.

I have XP SP2, Nero 6.6 (which comes with the burner on a LG branded CD), so i assume the Nero must support it. Also the USB drive is plugged into a USB1 connection (im awaiting my USB 2.0 PCMCIA card…).

I enclose my Nero diagnosis log file for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.


Tat is what your problem is. You are using a USB1 port instead of a USB2.


Seems a little lame, just because its USB1, i thought that it would just burn slower… (well we shall see when my PCMCIA USB2 card comes on Monday)