LG 4163B with BENQ 1640

I hope someone here can help me …i was woundering if i can have my BENQ 1640 ( set as master ) with my LG 4163 ( set as slave ) on the same SECONDARY channel connected together with a 80 conductor/40 pin IDE cable or should i have them both set as MASTER on seperate channels…your thoughts on this :confused:

Try it and see if they play well together. My 1640 didn’t like my Sony on the same cable so I put all by its self.

I have:
LG 4163 on Primary Master
Benq 1640 on Primary Slave
Benq 1640 on Secondary Master

All works perfectly. I can even burn to all three burners at once without any issues. All burns scan exceptionally well.


having them on the same cable is ok. the only time you MIGHT notice any performance loss is when youre using both drives simultaneously.

if you do have an open primary ide (ie, you have a sata harddrive) and you dont mind having 2 IDE cables in your case, thats probably the best way to do it, but not necessary.

i have a SATA harddrive and my primary IDE is open, but i dont want 2 IDE cables in my case. i want the best airflow possible =].

I have both they work well together, LG master,1640 slave.

I have 2 PRIMARY IDE AND 1 SECONDARY IDE channels, My SATA harddrive is on the 1st PRIMARY and both of my existing drives are together on the 2nd PRIMARY while my SECONDARY is open.

As you have mentioned i CAN have them together on the same channel using 1 cable ( better air flow ) right? If so can i leave the existing IDE cable on the PRIMARY channel as ive had the other 2 on and leave the SECONDARY open? And should i not be setting the BENQ as MASTER and the LG as slave?

thanks in advance :wink:

You can set BenQ as master and LG as slave if you wish,works well both ways.

yes, theres nothing wrong with having your secondary IDE open having both drives on your primary, and yes it is ok for you to have your BenQ as your MASTER and your LG as SLAVE (or vice versa). just make sure the pins are set correctly on the back.

again, the only time you might notice performance loss is if you’re using both drives simultaneously.

also, one SMALL negative to having 2 drives on the same IDE cable is, optical drive manufacturers usually recommend that you have the drive as the MASTER when doing firmware flashes. They also recommend to disable any other drives on the same IDE cable. i dont know if this is necessary though…

Thank you all for your input on this …much appreciated

Yup, that is pretty much what LG recommends in the instructions given for flashing the 4163B. However, many people have flashed the drive when it was connected as slave with other devices as master, myself included. I guess it is just LG playing safe there.

If you want to play safe, you can run the LG as master and the BenQ as slave I guess.

I have both drives but on two different systems and I think they complement each other nicely. Just my two cents.

This is exactly as mine is set up. I have my BENQ1640 crossflashed to BEFB as Master since it runs in UDMA 4 and it runs faster than the LG 4163 A105 DMA 2. They work great together on the secondary channel. But for som reason my Nec drives and my Liteon drives do not play nice together on te same channel with he BenQ as Master.

That sounds exactly like my setup :iagree: . I have the 1640 set as master and the 4163 set as slave.

I’ve updated the firmware on both drives via this configuration without issue (despite the fact that LG says their drive must be the master drive).

I am also running BEFB for its DMA-4 capabilities. For the first time, I was able to configure Nero to do an “on-the-fly” disccopy (ie without first reading the complete DVD image to the hard disc) from the BenQ to the LG at 8X without any bandwidth-related slowdowns. I also tried the burn at 12X but the IDE bus choked and the burn ended up slowing down to about 5.8X. But 8X is still pretty good!

My system is an older AMD nForce2 P3200. I was running with the Microsoft IDE drivers when I did this test.

Same here, running the same drivers and firmware and I have no problems with an “onthefly” Nero burn.