Lg 4163b very slow reading speed

hi im new to dvd burning and i just bought a lg 4163b multi dvd firmware a104 then upgraded to a105 multi dvd first of all i ran a cd/dvd speed test “load/eject” is it normal for lg 4163 recognition time to be at 49s im using a philips DVD+r 4.7gb 120 min 1-8x speed when i insert the cd with yakitate japan(burned anime ) i remember it wasnt that slow. when i bought it and when i checked the information of my lg4163b using nero info tools theres a category on aspi it says no aspi installed and the default was system aspi is that ok? and also the write speed of dvd+r philips was 7 minutes is the results ok? and lastly i tried the transfer rate test the speed was current 1.20 something and ended 1.30 and btw my pc randomly restarted 3 times already when burning cd/dvds after that i heard some noise like gargoling of a dentist in the burner is it fine or i should replace it i still have the warranty


Are all drives running in UDMA status?
What motherboard and IDE controller drivers?

and btw the advanced settings was ultra dma mode 6 the transfer mode is on dma my lg 4163b is on primary IDE i think cause its my only cd rom for burning reading cds etc, my motherboard is a msi 6380-e with via 4in1 drivers BTw i jsut tried the cd speed test on nero, the blank cd was 1x-52 cd-r imation it started at 17.01 current was 37.02 and the end was 41.24 the recognition time was 11 seconds

help plz when i try again the same philips i used it became more slow its now on 50.97 recognition time :sad:

anybody can help me!!! here are the results

Serial Number;Drive;Firmware;Load Time;Eject Time;Recognition Time
K04556M4159;HL-DT-STDVDRAM GSA-4163B;A105;1.18 sec;2.63 sec;40.23 sec

Serial Number;Drive;Firmware;Load Time;Eject Time;Recognition Time
K04556M4159;HL-DT-STDVDRAM GSA-4163B;A105;1.17 sec;2.64 sec;43.68 sec

is this normal?

this isnt an instant messaging program here its a forum therfor it will take alot more time for ppl to reply so have some patience

first of all there is no way any optical drive will run at udma6 mode (that is your hard drive udma mode not your dvd burner;s mode) usally optical drives are at the secondary ide chanel…

im not so sure that only the regular aspi is ok you should also have the nero aspi,uninstall nero using the clean tool and reinstall it ftp://ftp9.nero.com/attach/Nero-CleanTool.zip

ty will do it