LG 4163B + Verbatim 8X MCC003 = mixed results?

Hi guys, I have give a try to Verbatim 8x media (MCC003) to backup my DVD with TYG02 and after 7-8 burns discs I have experienced irregular burns results. With cd/dvd speed results are 70%-95% range. On good burns PI Error have a very good average (1-3 PI Error average, peaks at 20 area) but with others burns PI Error Average are higher (15-25 PI Error average, peaks at 300 area)

Is it usual to have these mix results with this drive and this media?

I Always burn at same speed (8x) and always use same programs (Nero 7).


Can you post some quality scans of those Verbatim discs? Some of the 95% and some of the 70% ones (i.e. good and bad scans). Also, what did the packaging for those Verbatims look like?

I will post some scans tonight, They have been bought from one of the best Online Dealer in Canada (hhtp://www.http://www.blankmedia.ca/proddetail3.asp?id=363blankmedia.ca). They are made in taiwan.

Sorry, but the link is invalid. Could you repost?

Try this one:

Those look like the same Made in Singapore discs I have, which are of excellent quality. Strange. Anyway, will wait for your scans.

Ok here some scans (Quality and Read tests):
2 first picture was 70% (Quality and Transfert test) and 2 last was 95% (Quality and Transfert test)

Did you notice on 3rd picture the strange ‘mountain’ I have. Disc seem to burns perfectly and this ‘moutain’ occurs. Only happen with MCC003, have burns in the past Ritek and TYG02 and never happen with these media.

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Another very bad scans with these crappy media!!!
Look at this!!!

This could be defective media or something else. Try burning one of those Verbatim discs at 4x.

Btw, can you post a serial number from one of those discs? That should be printed on the transparent area in the centre of the disc.

If I read correctly: 5246e3523+00826w19

Those are MIT by Prodisc. I had a batch of Prodisc made Verbatim 8x DVD+R discs which were defective. Unfortunately, a few other people bought the same discs I got at around the same time (they were on offer). Some of the discs burned with decent quality (QS97), others looked quite awful. I used 2 different writers just to be sure. The other people who bought the same discs had even worse results. One guy had coasters if he burned the discs at speeds higher than 4x (that was one of the reasons why I sugested burning at 4x). Another one had a mix of coasters, good burn quality and bad burn quality. Those were definitely defective.

It is possible that you have a defective batch as well. Unfortunately, the only way to really confirm that is to take like 5 of those and try to burn them on another burner.

ehm, what do you mean prodisc if they’re id-ed as mcc03?
you mean prodisc is making these no matter what the id says?

and then, what other serial number patterns are affected (if any)?

Verbatim does not make its own 8x or 16x discs any more. Instead it has certain companies make the discs for them under the supervision of Verbatim’s own staff and QC, using Verbatims dyes and stampers. One of the companies that does this for Verbatim is Prodisc. The MID is still MCC003 since for all wants and purposes, it is a Verbatim disc made with Verbatim’s materials, just in a different factory.

Verbatim’s own factory in Singapore is rather small and cannot meet worldwide demand. That and cost, is the reason why these other factories get the job to make discs for Verbatim. Currently, that factory only makes DVD+R DL/-R DL discs.

Ouch!, Badly I think you are right. I have burned some MCC003 with my other burner (Lite-On 160Ps6). 2-3 first burns was really good and I supposed my LG drive was perharps ‘tired’ but another 4th and 5th burns was really bad!. 0% Quality scan and over 100,000 PI Failure!.

I supposed my LG drive was finally ok. You suggested to burn at lower speed, I will definitevely give a try tonight to see if I have better results. I have 75 of these blank DVD. My only alternative was to scans very carrefully these media and drop the bad burned discs. I don’t want to scrapp this entire batch because I have already lost a complete 100 Ritek G05 batch because they were burning horribly!!! (Over 2000 PI Error Average)

I have 2 questions:
1- Do you think these verbatim made by Prodisc may be good for archiving 3 to 5 year
If I keep only good burns?. (I have test the 1st media of this batch I have burned last month and I didn’t notice any detoriation).
2- If I try to burns these discs with my LG 4163B drive, which firmware will gave best results (I use 1.06 firmware at thise time)

Thanks again!

I’m sure you know about RITEKG05 discs and their reputation for dying after a few months. Might be just as well they burned badly and you didn’t use them.

  1. Since some of that batch were defective, there is no way to know for sure. If you want to know if there is anything wrong with the rest of the same batch that were ok. What I would do if you have a drive that does quality scans (LG writers don’t have this feature) is to do quality scans on those discs about every 6 months or slightly less. That way you can tell if they start to degrade and you have a chance to copy the data out.

I don’t think it really matters for MCC003. Firmware support for these discs has been good even from the first firmware version (A100). I remember burning MCC003 discs with that firmware version that were excellent. Just stick with A106. It should be fine.