LG 4163B READ PROBLEM!Please read.Thanks

Recently, I found that my LG 4163B seems having lower ability in reading disk…
Why I so say? It is because some of disk could not be read smoothly especially some file are located in the outer zone of the disk…Also,.I don’t know why after I insert some disk…the light will holds up and not flashing until I press the button of the writer…some good media code doesn’t have this problem…

This problem was not found even I use the better media code or cheaper cost one…

Does my dvd writer say out of order?

maybe… you can try a firmware update or just to re-flash the firmware… sometimes it helps

Could you give more precise information? How many disks cause your problems? Are they the same type or different types? How many disks do you try overall?

Do not be hypercritical! You have to keep in your mind that there are not “perfect” drives. :slight_smile:

Thus, I can propose some suggestions (they are very general for lack of info):
-If you have problems with one particular disk then do not worry! Through it away and forget about it.

  • If you have problems with one particular kind of media then do not worry again! But do not forget because you have to remember what kind of media you should not buy.
    -If you have problems with 50 disks out of 100 (sure they should not be the same type :slight_smile: )… you definitely have a problem. What do you have to do? It depends on particular situation.

It happens sometimes. Again, if it is one particular disk then do not worry!

I’m having the same problem. And after sending an e-mail to LG they said I should take the drive to the service assistance.

It first stopped playing Dvds from Warner, I thought it was some kind of protection. Then when I tried to play one disk from a double DVD that I own. Disk 1 was ‘igonred’ by the drive and Disk 2 worked okay, so I thought, well I might have installed something that is causing this. Then I formatted the PC and now the drive won’t read ANY of my DVDs, and I’ve tried DVDs region 1, 4 and 0. None worked. It only plays pirated movies.

I’ve upgraded the firmware to 1.05

To worsen things I found out it was the drive (after writing to LG) one week after the warranty expired. Now I have a bunch of DVDs that cannot be played by the drive, it only records data.

Well there’s one thing that’s different. When I first installed the drive (besides it being band new) I had Windows XP (no service packs installed) installed and during this time I upgraded to SP1 (started to notice the problem) and now to SP2 (and that’s when it really stopped working). Could be it but I find it hard to believe it.