LG 4163B problem ripping dvd's. Drive icon vanishes after 10 mins!


I have an LG 4163B in an external case and it is connected to my computer via a firewire cable. When I go to rip a dvd on to my hard drive it stops after about 10mins. This is because the drive icon in my computer is gone. It seems like the dvd drive has been disconnected from my computer, but it is still connected.

I’ve tried everything and I’m not sure what to do. It worked fine for the 1st week. Also when burning a cd/dv it pauses at about 20% using nero. I’m running windows xp sp2.

Any suggestions? :sad:

Does that happen only with GSA-4163B? If you have IDE HDDs or other optical drives, see if it happens with other drives when used in the same external case.