LG 4163B problem reading discs



Hello, this is my first post, basically my problem is the following:

Purcahsed the drive 2 weeks ago (after my last LG drive lasted a good 2 years of burning)… I have burned about 20 disks in this 2 week span. Then a couple days ago I put a blank dvd in, and the drive closes, green light flashes, then ejects. The same problem happens for any media… CD’s (music, and data, original and burned), DVD’s (original and burned).

Basically no matter what I do, even if I close the the tray without media, the green light will flash then eject the tray.

Any help is appreciated.

Have A105 firmware. Running XP SP2.


  1. See if anything is stuck inside, try to remove it.
  2. If this doesn’t work, remove the drive and find another computer to test it in.
  3. If it behaves the same way there, bring it back to the shop for repair or RMA.