LG 4163b problem, cannot copy burn crap! RMA!?!



Hi all, i got my dvd LG 4163 (oem version with cable and a nero user menu, strangely there no sign of serial number that indicate it is 4163B but win xp detact it is 4163b) less than 24hours ago
I tried to copy stuff from my CD-RW from LG drive then it gave out warning something like cannot copy from source because of device I/O error.
I tried burning DVD is flawless (multi-session), but when verifying it detect error something like not the same data from sector 24 all the way to 3000+ with a couple of correct data in the same, it seems like one out of 7 files i copied screw up.
i tried to copy data from the dvd to HDD same error as the one i got from CD-rw(btw cd-rw copy flawlessly on my old laptop)
Reading disc is very slow in LG-4163 then errors pops out, my laptop copied in 40 sec for that file (36 MB)

DO i need to RMA this, i going back there today anyway


btw, the media i used is brand “A1pro” 4x DVD-R, they told me is A grade!


sounds like your drive faulty… send back RMA


Actually I’d say this sounds like a case of bad media. I’ve never heard of A1pro media and they certainly aren’t sold on any websites I frequent. Try picking up some name brand media like Ridata, Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden, Maxell, TDK, Sony, etc before RMA’ing a drive that probably isn’t bad.


The main problem is that it has a hard time reading CD-RW (Ricoh), my laptop reads and copy it without a single problem, well 4163b gives device I/O error


time for a NEC quality drive!


Unfortunately, there’s no NEC DVD writer that can replace LG DVD writer. Even LG HDTV recorders are better than NEC’s ones.


Read other threads if you want to make more use out of your 4163B.

Don’t abuse generous RMA policies.

If you can’t see the serial number, ask the guy who sold the drive. If the person does not answer clearly, ask for a refund. So, is your drive OK or not? If you want to make sure whether it’s your drive, or media problems, or PC problems, read other threads and/or do some tests that suit your situation.


It has to be something wrong with the drive, both (Ricoh based) Sony-CD-RW and the nero cd bundled with th 4163 fail to be read on the drive!
BTW both cd works flawlessly on other drive.


Slow or fail? On another PC?


Im such a jack ass, instead of using the inner ide plug, i switched to the outer plug, now it works flawlessly…

I should have tried this earlier
sorry to all LG fan
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Respect that you tell us what the problem was (you in this case :wink: ).

Have fun with your LG GSA-4163B, it’s a superb drive. :iagree:



Oh, you mean you stuck it to the middle connector on the IDE cable? A no-no!

Yeah, I kind of assume your problem has something to do with the cable because it is
an I/O problem. The signals must terminate at the end of the cable. You cannot connect
to the middle connector with no device at the end of the cable.


It’s statistically well proven that most of the RMA’ed CD and DVD burners are without hardware problems.


“Unfortunately, there’s no NEC DVD writer that can replace LG DVD writer. Even LG HDTV recorders are better than NEC’s ones.”

UNFORTUNATELY you haven’t gone to the other forums (or choose to ignore) various models like:

BENQ 1620

I encourage you to read the reviews :slight_smile:


I have quite many NEC drives, perhaps I am the one who have more NEC drives than anyone else here. And have you ever bothered to read my own test reports using both BenQ DW1620 and LG GSA-4163B? :bigsmile:

I buy NEC DVD writers from NEC Japan directly and you tell me I haven’t looked at NEC… you are an incredibly funny guy. :bigsmile: