LG 4163B or NEC 3250

Question as title :cool:

The LG gets’ the Editor’s Choice in every review I’ve seen, and in a significant number over the NEC. Also, from threads I’ve seen and reviews I read, the LG is regarded to be the best burner around.

*** NOTE *** I can’t get the NEC 3500, and I can get only one of these burners above, I have not other options available. I need to make my purchase this week, and fast!

Thanks in advnace. :bigsmile:

Best regards,
Roy :wink:

But what are your NEEDS? Is cost an issue? :slight_smile:

My needs are - $h!tload of backups - from dvd backups to games, OS, and Music discs.
I can go up to 100$ top. Thanks for your help :slight_smile: