LG 4163B not recognizing Verbatim DVD-RAM Disk


Well after using my LG 4163-B with many different types of media…I decided to experiment and try out how it performs with DVD-RAM media. Unfortunately, the drive does not recognize the Verbatim DVD-RAM disk at all so I cannot even start from square one and even format it…Explorer does not see it and basically the drive spins up and then stops shortly after popping-in the DVD-RAM disk. NERO (6.6.14) also does not detect the disk either. I normally use Verbatim DVD-R burning at 16X and have no problems in detecting or burning with that disk manufacturer as well as other manufacturers and other types such as DVD±R/W or CD±R/W. The only burning software installed is NERO, Clone DVD and TMPGEnc DVD Author…and yes I recently did a fresh install of XP Pro w/SP2 and tried inserting the disk before NERO after NERO before TMPGEnc DVD Author and after and before Clone DVD and the results were still the same…the DVD-RAM disk was not detected –

Any ideas ?



What is the ID code from the disc? Get DVDIdentifier and check it.


…well DVD Identifier for the DVD-RAM disk said this…

likewise the LiteON …

While for the Verbatim DVD-R 16X media the LG indicated

and the LiteOn…

and finally for Verbatim DVD+R DL

The LG

and as expected since the LiteON cannot write but only read a DL Disk since the disk has not been burned this is what I got

I only bought 1 DVD-RAM disk I am wondering if it’s just plain bad? I would hate to buy another only to find out that the LG still cannot recognize the media

Still open for ideas and by the way this little proggie is sharp :bow:



I think, the disc is bad.
Here, I am running a 4163B FW1.05. A Verbatim “3x Certified” DVD-RAM works for me. But I heard that DVD-RAM from Verbatim are often problematic. Try getting some Panasonic Media.

My system is roughly similar:
MSI K8T Neo2-FIR, Athlon64 3000+, 2x512MB Infineon, 2x120GB HDD, LG GSA 4163B, LG GCE 8240B, Liteon LTD 166S@Promise 579.
OS is W2kSP4, Panasonic DVD-RAM driver installed.

You should try to install the Panasonic DVD-RAM driver (links are posted here in the forum) and disable the IMAPI burning service.
Maybe that helps, if the disc is not bad.


Edit: The pics are added as a proof, that 4163B can handle DVD-RAM. The first one is a “Verbatim 3x Certified”, the second is “Panasonic 2-3x”

Thanks for the reply…well I guess I will try a different manufacturers DVD-RAM disk to see what happens…I only bought this 1 Verbatim DVD-RAM disk as an add-on to a good price on a 10-pack Verbatim DVD+R D/L…Will post back after I try another brand


I have had very good results (LG 4163) with Panasonic 5X from here:


You can get Panasonic 5x directly from Panasonic for $4 each. (They are the same as Maxell 5x).

Do you have a link? Ah, there it is. Thanks for the tip. Their pricing is very strange. The 10 pack of 3X and the 15 pack are the same price. :confused:

If you sign up for the “Club Panasonic” you can added discounts.


$6 is for the cartridge version.