LG 4163B Not closing sessions some times

Hi everyone,

I posted this in another thread before but got no answer, I hope someone could have any idea/suggestion as why is this happening:

I updated my motherboard CPU etc., recently, and now a lot of DVDs I burn come out of the drive with the session still open (even though nero says their are successfuly finished).

I had to use DVDDecrypter to close the sessions, (the dvds work 100% after that). I wonder why nero isn’t closing the session automatically now. And not only nero, I used sony’s dvdarchitect and experienced the same problem. I don’t want to have to check the session everytime with DVDDecrypter… any suggestions?

My mobo is a DFI NF4 Ultra-D, Athlon 64-x2 @2500MHz, 1Gb memory. I don’t remember having updated my burner’s firmware ever… Any suggestions about that also?


dunno if this is it but in nero all the different types of cds/dvds you can choose (MP3 DVD or SVCD CD etc) the settings are seperate (at least on mine)… on all theres a close session… make sure its checked for all different types