LG 4163B Noise Issue

Of late the drive is giving a weird sound whenever it’s reading or burning. So far still no problem reading discs or burning (unsure whether it affect burning quality) but i’m worried that it will. It sounds like something spinning not properly at high-low interval. It’s not that loud but it’s there.

Maybe due to bad media…

If you have another drive that does quality scans (LG writers cannot perform quality scans), try using one of those to check the quality of the burns. Failing that, you can try running a transfer rate test on those discs. A smooth curve should indicate that burn quality is ok.

What discs were those anyway? With poor quality discs, the drive might have to slow down in order to burn certain parts of the disc that are somewhat problematic. Once past such a part, the drive might try to spin up to speed again. A few of these problematic areas could result in you hearing those “spin up, spin down” type sounds.

This happen to all the disc, even those which i have burned or read without problem last time. I think the problem lies within the drive itself. For the reading part, i manage to “disguise” the problem by lowering the read speed to 2X by Nero DriveSpeed. What is a transfer rate test?

Hmm… ok that does sound like a drive related problem.

A transfer rate test checks how well a disc can be read back by a writer/DVD-ROM drive. If a burn is good and the disc itself is free from defects, the writer should show a steady increase in the read speed with no sudden slow downs. Of course, this assumes that your writer is working properly.

To do a transfer rate test, use Nero CD Speed (http://www.cdspeed2000.com). This is a freeware program and if you have Nero installed on your system, then it is already installed as well. Place a DVD disc which has already been written to (non-blank) in your writer, and from Nero CD Speed, select Run Test->Transfer Rate.

Why I think the transfer rate test may be useful in this situation :

In your case, the high-low interval sound makes me think the motor on the drive may be spinning up and down repeatedly. That can mean two things : the disc used is defective at certain parts (or is not burned as well on certain parts) or the writer is defective.

I was hoping that doing a transfer rate test will show which points the writer is slowing down at when trying to read the disc. If you run this test on a few different brands of discs you have burned (or even a few burned by other people and given to you), and see that the writer slows down at about the same points for all discs, it would confirm that something is not right with the writer. If the writer only slows down on certain discs and not at all on others, that indicates that those discs are probably at fault rather than the writer.

All right, here’s some samples. Look a bit jittery to me, what do you think?

I don’t usually do those test with CD-R discs, so I can’t really tell with the CD-R tests. However, the DVD tests don’t look that bad. From your description, I was expecting much more violent dips and peaks.

Perhaps all the drive needs is a bit of servicing. Is it still under warranty?

Yeah the scans between the CDr and DVDr seems kinda different. I didn’t know drives can be service but it doesn’t matter anyway since there’s no more warranty. So i suppose it’s safe to continue burning using the drive? :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you describe that sound a little better? With my drive, it sounds loud when it spins up a disc, then gets quiet, but is not very loud when burning.