LG 4163B Needs Better 8X DVD+RW Support

Months after purchasing my LG 4163B, I finally managed to locate an online dealer in Canada that sells 8X DVD+RW media. After having bought 10 RIDATA 8X DVD+RW discs, however, I am very disappointed to see that the LG drive does not write data on them. DVDInfoPro does manage to read the MID as Ritek 008, but even with the latest firmware (A105), the LG refuses to write to these discs when I try record data on to them. I doubt that this is a software issue, so is there any chance of a firmware update to support these discs? After waiting so long to find a source for 8X DVD+RW media, this is not the situation I expected to be in upon trying it out…

Using MediaCodeSpeedEdit to check, the only DVD+RW 8x medias supported by A105 are:

MKM A03-000

There is no write strategy at all for Ritek 008