LG 4163b - multiple writers



Hi! I’m new in this forum and I hope to find a solution to my problem.

I have this question:
Can I write three DVD simultaneously ?

1 -I have an HDD MAXTOR 80Gb on the Primary Master
2 - an LG 4163B on the Primary Slave
3 - an LG 4163B on the Secondary Master
4 - an LG 4163B on the Secondary Slave

When I try to write on the DVD inserted in the writers 2&3 or 2&4 I don’t have any problem and I write two DVD at 8x.
When I try to write on the DVD inserted in the writers 2&3&4 or 3&4, the speed decrease automatically to 1x instead of 8x.

I use NERO and Windows XP



It’s because two DVD writers are trying to catch data at once. Add a PCI IDE card and make it like this.

IDE Primary Master: HDD
IDE Secondary Master: GSA-4163B #01

PCI IDE Channel 1: GSA-4163B #02
PCI IDE Channel 2: GSA-4163B #03


Kenshin, thank you for your reply. Can you recommend some model to me?


Don’t forget that if you have two devices on the same IDE channel, the total speed drops down to match the slowest. That means your (possibly) ATA133 Maxtor will drop down from UDMA5 to UDMA2, which is a quarter of the speed its capable of.

And when it’s feeding three DVD writers at once, you will see the difference. Your writers are probably running with empty buffers and engaing their buffer underrun protection, and they can not sustain 8x burns in that state.



that is useful information.

I will check my friend’s computer/drive setup to see why it is not doing better.


General Hardware forum has some recommendations. Sticky threads first. :slight_smile: