LG 4163B - is safe to flash FW 1.06?




I have read the thread about FW 1.06, and I was thinking about an upgrade to that version, but I am not sure. So my question is:
Is it safe to flash FW 1.06 or should I stick with FW 1.05?
Has anybody experienced remarkable improvements or are there even some hiccups, that make things worse?

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I’ve noticed most burn quality (on 8x discs at least, since that’s mainly what I use) is about the same as with A105…haven’t had any bad burns, yet. My T02s, MAXELL002s, and MCC003s still overspeed with great quality, so I’m happy.



Haven’t noticed anything different from A105 at all.



thank you for your answers.
So, it seems to be just a matter of personal preference :slight_smile:



I haven’t found A106 on any official LG site yet, although this firmware is out for a while now.
It might be a homebrew version



hm. That version is distributed via LG’s autoupdate-tool. So I don’t think, it’s homebrew.



Here, why not read through the original thread that appeared when A106 first came out :

It should answer most questions about it.

I haven’t really noticed any difference between A106 and A105. However, I never burned any 16x DVD-R discs with A105 or earlier, so I don’t have any results to compare against.


LG Canada has published Ver A106 on their website: http://ca.lgservice.com/index_b2c.jsp



You’re right. They didn’t even bother to add a new entry for it - they just quietly added A106 to a common entry of all 4163B firmware. Other LG service websites don’t seem to have it yet though.