LG 4163B. How to upload firmware?

I have LG 4163B. How to upload firmware from the flash? or give me please link when I can found A100 firmware.

Just installed my 4163b yesterday.

It was manufactured January 05 and shipped with a102… you might want to use the newer firmware.

Here is a link to the firmware page;

Others in this forum have compiled pages with links if you look.

sorry but I need A100.

I got A100, but it’s inside my writer. If you know how to get it out, I’ll send you a copy.

Mikie, sorry but I don’t know how it’s possible :frowning:
Somebody help me plz!!!

It seems it’s not. We’ll wait and see if Kenshin can confirm that it’s not possible to back up the firmware before overwriting it. I’m not in the great hurry to update mine, so we have time.

It should be possible though, cause every time I updated my motherboard BIOS, i got the old one saved, so…

Mikie NEC drives flash utility has save option,but LG drives has no :frowning: so… I’m write letter to LG service center.May be thay can help me to deside this problem.

I believe MTKflash and MTKWinflash do have these options… LG’s are Mediatek-based, so the utility should work.

LG GSA-4163 uses the Renesas (Renaissance Semiconductor for Advanced Solutions) chipset.

RENESAS is a joint venture between Hitachi and Mitsubishi Electric.

I doubt very much that LG will be interested in making a utility to back up the old firmware. They will assume noone will ever have any need for the superceded firmware, except maybe to sue them or hack the firmware…

Anyway, as I’ve said, I’m not in any great rush to update mine, so when someone figures out the way of doing it, I’ll be willing to give it a go. And I’ll find those MKTflash or whatever it’s called and give it a spin. Let you know how I go.

I don’t know if there’s a publicly available tool for “downloading” firmware file from one’s own LG DVD writer. LG DVD writers are based on Hitachi technologies. The Renesas chipsets are also designed by Hitachi.

Does anyone know why A100 is needed so urgently?

This fellow started the thread that he needs one. I got one, and I’m willing to help, but looks like I won’t be able to.

If you have a reason important enough, you will probably get it. It’s just not available to the public.

Mikie I’ve A100 rom file but i don’t know how flash it :slight_smile:

Is it executable containing the firmware or just a *.bin firmware file?

Mikie is a *.rom file.

Now we need help from someone who knows about those things. Updated firmwares coming from LG are “built-in” inside an executable program that does the flash of the drive with the new firmware. I don’t know how to replace the firmware that is part of the flasher with this file. As somebody already said, LG 4163 uses Renesas chipset, so the Mediatek flashers won’t work. Does anyone have a firmware flash program that will work with LG 4163?

Original A100 firmware and a DOS Flasher can be found here.

Brother Vlad

There you go, Dangerous Brother comes to the rescue again.

Now, why in the world did you need this old version, Alex G? Something shifty going on, hmm?