LG 4163B + Ext. Enclosure

The LG 4163B looks to be very a very impressive DVD-RW drive at the moment. Does anyone know if it will work in a ext. enclosure (w/ Prolific chipset) or how well the GSA-5163D (ext. version) will fare againt the internal one? I assume the GSA-5163D just came out as well, but can we speculate the same test results as the LG 4163B has shown us thus far.

One other thing, will the GSA-5163D have connections for both USB2 & Firewire. If so, that would be more beneficial than just having USB2 only.

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Kenshin, this was actually my first post in the LG forum so I wasn’t so sure about the information on that drive as I am now. :wink: Also, sorry if it seems like I am cross-posting. I didn’t realize I was doing that until you mentioned it in another thread.

Maybe my thread title wasn’t much self-revealing. Next time, I’ll add “IMPORTANT: READ THIS FIRST” in the title, (or something to that effect.) :slight_smile:

Anyway, the threads about GSA-5163D are very incomplete but have all the basic information to start from.

Or ask someone to stick it. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

I don’t want my secret drive threads to be noticed too apparently either. :bigsmile:

Maybe Jan. S. will soon provide some solution! :slight_smile: