LG 4163B DVD RW can't read WII disks

Hi Guys,

I got myself a LG GSA 4163B DVD RW drive so I can backup my WII games. For some reason the Drive doesn’t read the games or disk header at all ???

It reads normal disk, plays movies and identifies itself as a DVD Ram drive, everything implies it should work

It is installed into an external case and connected to the computer by USB connection.

Any ideas as I think the USB side of things shouldn’t make a difference


Who told you that drive would even read “wii games”??


and thanks for your response…

It was a friend of mine who got it for me. He was assured it would read and burn the WII disks… Is this wrong ??? and have I been stiffed ???

Thanks again

Mario :frowning:

A DVD drive capable of reading Wii and GC discs
Only specific drives are capable of reading Wii and GC discs, obviously in addition to the drive you will also need it installed in a PC with proper drivers. At present the only drives known to be capable of reading Wii and GC discs are the following:

Hitachi LG GDR-8161b (IDE)
Hitachi LG GDR-8162b (IDE)
Hitachi LG GDR-8163b (IDE)
Hitachi LG GDR-8164b (IDE)
Hitachi LG GDR-8082N - USB SLIM Portable Drive



It looks like I have been stiffed :sad:

Perhaps the misunderstanding is in the first digit. Instead of an 8163b, you tried a 4163b.