Lg 4163b Dvd Ram Speed?

According to the specification of the writer, It can up to 5x dvd ram writing
but when I got a Maxell 5x dvd ram, I try to transfer 2gb file into this dvd ram. …However, it last for 30-35 mins,anybody know why…
Before I transfer, I have formatted it as INCD format…

all dvd-ram have built in error checking , and this checking takes 50% of write time so a 5x dvd-ram writes at 2.5x i.e. full burn takes about 35 minutes.

Thanks you for your reply,I have the other question why my dvd ram cannot format to FAT32 format,only UDF(incd) format is okay…

InCD doesn’t do FAT32. The LG driver does…

These Panasonic 5X RAM have worked well for me at a great price. FYI



How are you using them?

I wanted faster read speed because I use them in my Panasonic E-50 to transcribe old VHS tapes to DVD. They burn in the E-50 and then I copy to HD and edit, then burn to -R. One is relegated to backup of files off of the computer. The only problem I encountered was InCD. If it is even present on the HD it renders the DVD-RAM disc burned on the E-50 inaccessible on the LG. When all InCD files are removed the discs are readable again.

Still looking for 5x media in the UK myself, can only find 2x, 3x or unspecified speed.

Local suppliers are crap and charge £13 for 3 single-sided Panasonic 3x (over £4 per disk!! :eek: ).

I could not find any 5x dvd-ram discs in the UK either - although it was about 4 weeks since I last looked.

I got my mine from the US, although they are available in Europe now also.

And anzone found out how to switch off the write error checking? In some reviews here I have seen drives writing real 5x. So when I am dealing with unimportant data it would be nice to have the extra speed.

PCworld currently has an offer on DVD-RAM i got 5 Panasonic RAM discs for £10 they are 3x speed though.

Actually many people wouldn’t need 5x discs if their 3x discs would be written at 3x. But therefore i have to turn the error checking off. But i can’t find the switch to do so…

Unless you have a specific version of the Panasonic driver, you can’t turn off verification. If you do turn it off, there’s no reason to be using RAM in the first place. You can use CDSpeed to burn ISO and turn off verification in the settings there. But again, why use RAM with no verification? Get some 8x +RW instead.

Because it is pretty useful to copy things around in the explorer without Packetwriting.