LG 4163B DVD burner does not read what it burns


Our office 160gb Seagate HDD is failing and I have tried backing up our data to DVDs. Problem is, even after “Burn Successful” and Data Verification Successful" messages in Nero, the same burner will not see the disk it has burned. 5 discs already. These are Ritek R-03 +R DVD blanks.

I brought the discs home and fed them to a brand new LG H10N and it likewise does not see the discs. But in ISOBuster, the files are seen and I have successfully copied over these files to a hard drive.

Any comment? Advice? The one year warranty on the older drive has just lapsed. I’m thinking, I’ll just go ahead and burn the files, remove the 160gb HDD and RMA it and just rely on ISObuster to copy over the files when the replacement arrives.

Oh, and BTW, the old burner burns CDRs all right.

Hi and welcome @CDF.

your issue sound like a misconfiguration of your burning software. Make sure, that “Multisession” (“allow writing additional data”) is disabled.

Also, I’d recommend to backup the data of the failing HDD to an external HDD (or via network to another computer, if possible). This is faster and more reliable.


thank you , Michael. this windows installation is now 2-1/2 years old. It looks like it is a good time to reinstall. Hope this will fix the problem

BTW, I borrowed a 40gb and an 80gb HDD and copied over the files. You’re right this method was less worrisome and a lot faster.
Bring on blueray.

The problem is the FW version and the media youre using switch both , or at least the media andyoull see improvement.