LG 4163B drive cannot burn Philips dvd +r DL



Hi guys, I apologize if this has been answered before. I have read thru a lot of posts and cannot find a solution to my problem.
I have an LG 4163b with firmware A106 in my computer running windows XP SP2. This drive works well when writing to Single layer 4.7GB dvds using anything from Nero 6 to DvdFab or Dvddecrypter. I decided to try burning to dvd+r DL. I purchased a stack of Philips dvd+r DL but cannot burn to it.
When using Dvddecrypter it would try to burn but then hangs up the application with a message “finalising disk” and I cannot eject the dvd even though I exited the program. I have to do a restart.
I have also tried using Nero and DvdFab, no luck. Is there a problem using Philips media and the 4163b?
Are there some configurations that I have to set up to burn dual layer dvds?
I am stumped. All suggestions are most appreciated.



Try Verbatim +R DL media , they burn rather well in my 4163B. Verbs are really the only safe bet amongst the DL media brands.