LG 4163B Doesnt work under Windows XP

Hello guys I have a problem with my new DVD burner. I changed my old CD-RW drive with new LG 4163B and windows xp detected it but it can’t read and write… i thought reinstalling windows might help but it doesnt. The weird thing is the drive is working ok in DOS and also when I am installing windows from it and also its working in Windows XP under safe mode but under normal mode it isnt… Now im using Windows 98 and its working ok. So what can be the reason its not working under windows xp? Maybe there could be some problem with drivers windows uses for it cause i have old celeron 466mhz…

How much memory do you have? Your system is not powerful enough using windows XP. On the box it says minimum requirements:
1.Windows 2000, Me or XP
2. CPU: Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or higher
3> RAM: 51MB or larger is recommended.

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Even if your PC is slow, it is fast enough to read from your drive. Post the text output of Nero Infotool as text file attachment using the Manage Attatchments button so we can have a look at your config.

I’m using the 4165B (4163B replacement) and I only have a 1Ghz P3.
And it works just fine for me.

First the drive really needs to be by it’s self on an IDE Channel.
ie ‘Master’ and no other drives on that cable.
Then check the settings in Device Manager under IDE/ATAPI Controllers
Then check either primary or secondary (prefered place for Drive) and make sure the drive is using UDMA-2 in the ‘Current transferMode’, ‘Transfer Mode’ should be set to ‘DMA mode if available’

Any computer should be able to read the Drive, a slow computer might struggle burning @ 16x
I assume the 2.4Ghz min specs are for making DVD video.

I have my drive as secondary slave and it works fine. Check to see if IMAPI is disabled in Services.

What make and spec is your computer and how old is it. Have you tried the drive in another computer? Also what rating is your power supply and what make, it could be a software issue you could try setting up a new install of windows xp on another computer or on a different partion on your hard drive and see if it works. Or you could use something like Linux knoppix which runs from memory and doesnt install anything it just boots from cd to test the drive outside windows.

Well guys I sorted it out…I just switched read mode to PIO only instead of DMA and it works. For sure its slower but at least it works :slight_smile:

It sounds like what you have is an IDE driver problem. In XP’s safe mode, the IDE driver is probably not loaded which is why it worked there. Dos doesn’t use XP’s IDE drivers so it worked there too.

You can try updating to a new version of IDE controller and see if you can get DMA to work. That is assuming you can still get drivers for your motherboard of course. You probably can’t burn very fast with that old system anyway. The 4163B should be able to burn at 8x on PIO mode so if that is what you can already achieve right now, then you probably don’t need to bother.