LG 4163B - can only burn one DVD then have to restart the computer to do another

ok i have a

GSA 4163b dvd burner with the new A105 firmware
computer is only running at 1100 MHZ its a asus a7n8x-x mb the dvd burner is the white one if that matters.

I just installed the new nero 7

the burner once worked this was with sony DVD-r and a version that was lower then 2.1 on the disc i think 2.0. When i used 2.0 in the good ol days everything was great. But now im using 2.1 beacuse thats what they had at the store :slight_smile: … but they wouldnt recognize at 16x and at 8 x it wasnt letting me put 4 gigs on it would limit me to 2.83 gigs or so

So i got greedy and thought hey i can up date the firmware that will fix things… nope…i update the firm ware to A105 and i had an older version of NERO and it would burn at 16X full 4.7 gigs but only once… if i try to make any more discs then it would say … could not "start disc at once " after 17 secs and i would think i made a coaster… but if i restart the comp and burn another with the same disc it woud work fine… Only one time though .

I have updated to nero 7 and the same thing happens, can burn fine once but then i have to restart the computer to do another.

If i dont restart and i use Neros Info tool to get the info of the disc… it will say that the max speed is 8x and max capacity is 2.8 gigs or something close to that. And if i try to burn, it fails after 17 secs again. If i restart and read the exact same disc it tells me “the propper info” and says that it can do up to 16 x and capacity is 4.7 gigs

Based on all of this any ideas on possible courses of actions
thanks for any input… i can check certain things if you would like me to, and i dont mind doing more research , I know this isnt a free ride.


Hi and Welcome!

that sounds like a system or driver related problem. As your mainboard is Nvidia based, please uninstall Nvidia IDE drivers (only these, not the other chipset drivers), reboot and see if that works.


Just want to mention there is A106 firmware available.

Don’t think that will help though. I doubt his problems are related to his firmware version. I have the same drive and used all the firmware revisions from A100->A106. None gave me the symptoms he has.

I’m agreeing with Michael : I think the IDE controller thing might be the cause.

Sounds like a conflict with other software to me.

What other burning apps have you got installed and have you tried removing them to see if it works properly?

Hey guys, thanks for the input im gonna try removing the Nvidia IDE drivers soon. I havent responded in a while because I had a bit of a fire in my room last week and had to remove all my stuff and therefore my main computer isn’t up and running yet.

Hahaha actually a whole spindle of dvds melted. Brings new meaning to “burning a DVD” :slight_smile:

as to darwin’s question: I dont have any other burning software instaled, however could it be differnt versions of nero from the past, maybe they didnt uninstall properly ?