LG 4163b burning real slow

Hi guys and gals,

I have a LG 4136b and an LG 8163b (regular old DVD ROM). I recently burnt out my 350 watt power supply (long story) and just upgraded to a 585 watt.

I was informed that when you burn out a powersupply, your bios settings all get set back to scratch.

I use Nero 7 and I have this one project that I burn over and over again and before the power supply burnout I could burn this project in 1 hour and 50 minutes…since the power burnout and the obvious bios settings being reset, the SAME project now wants to take 4 to 5 HOURS!!!

I am not sure what the bios settings were before…Is there something obvious I am missing that I need to change. All the DMA settings look to be correct, but I don’t know what was changed in the bios.

Any help would be appreciated as this is driving me crazy!!!

In the BIOS the DMA setting should probably be set to AUTO.

However, it really depends what in the Nero process is taking the time. If it’s burning or ripping then DMA being wrong on either the opticals or HD is the prime candidate.

If it’s in encoding/transcoding then you might want to load “Optimum” settings - or something similarly named.

Hey Tim,

thanks for the quick response.

The bios is set to auto. The problem in Nero is that this same project took an hour and 47 minutes exactly, and now after the powersupply burnout, the same project takes over 4 hours…it sounds like a bios setting, but I am not sure after checking the DMA settings are correct…sigh