LG 4163B, BenQ 1620 Pro, NEC 3520



I decided to make this a new thread since I didn’t get any real hits when it was part of an older thread. Also I corrected some parts of this post so it actually isn’t the same as the original post. Specifically it deals with new information that came since the original post.

My liteon 1633s has had a troubled history, finally this last time when I sent it back in, I was told that it was not in stock anymore. They gave me an option, either I could get the 1693s or get 50 dollars in credit. I opted for the credit, I am NOT impressed with the liteon’s anymore. While I can get many other DVD burners I have settled on one of the three following. (ps I have added links to the ones I am talking about simply because it makes sense for you all to see the actual package I am looking at, all links are at the bottom of the post).

So my realistic options at this point are:
BenQ DW1620 PRO
NEC ND-3520A

I can get both OEM and Retail of each of the above, but in general I lean towards the Retail versions (usually only a few more bucks in price).

The LG comes with: Nero Express, PowerDVD
The BenQ comes with: 1 DVD+r 25pck 16x spindle AND 1 CD+R 25pck spindle AND nero
The NEC comes with: Ulead DVD MovieFactory 3.5 Suite Deluxe, Ulead Moive Wizard, Nova BACKUP 7.1, Ulead DVD Player

This poses a problem.
First off I don’t know the Ulead and Nova software.
Second I don’t own an unbranded Nero software (at least I believe the LiteOn nero was branded to that drive), but at least all DVD burners come with software I can use to burn with.

So the second part of this post is about possible replacement software packages for burning on DVD. Any suggestions?

While I am leaning towards the retail version of these drives, the NEC OEM is significantly cheaper than the Retail version but obviously does not come with software, the other drives OEM and Retail versions don’t have this significant difference between them so it makes sense to go with Retail.

If I opt for the NEC OEM I will also need software.

I am also unable to wait to long, so I can’t very well wait for the 1640 BenQ to be released and then stocked at the store. I can only wait till monday morning by which time I have to have this ordered. (noon PST).

So what are your thoughts about the 3 drives, and possible software to use with these drives.

Here are the links to the drives I am looking at:

LG drive
BenQ Drive
NEC drive

And the NEC OEM:

xbit labs reviews on the LG and the BenQ:
BenQ Xbitlabs review
LG drive Review (xbitlabs)