LG 4163B and external case problem?



i just bought the lg 4163b and a nexstar2 usb 2.0 casing and the problem is, when i try to burn things, it only goes at 8x.
is this normal since im using it as an external device???

under nero infotools, it also displays max write as being 8x.

btw, im using 8x dvd+r disks by memorex if that makes any difference
and my firmware is a101.
under recording options, i have either 8x or 4x thats it.
if i take the disk out , i still have the option of either 8x or 4x



It seems the limiting factor is the 8x DVD+R media type you tried. If you try YUDEN000T02 8x DVD+R or MCC003 8x DVD+R or any other 8x DVD+R supported by the drive for 12x overspeed writing, you will see 12x speed also supported whether it’s USB 2.0 or IEEE 1394 or internal IDE.


but it also says 8x maximum regardless of whether or not a disk is in the drive

if i check out nero infotools with no disk in drive
it says my max read speed is 10x and for writing, i have either 8x or 4x


shouldnt i still see the capability of burning at 16x regardless?


Nero Infotool does not show the capability of your drive’s maximum write speed. It does not automatically test the USB interface performance. You need to insert a real 16x DVD media for actual test of 16x DVD writing.


yeah youre right
i turned off and on the drive and infotools reported 40x right speed lol
i guess i just got to test with higher rated media
but i thought it would be like cdr’s where u can write 8x cds at even 24x or greater

anyways, thanks for your input :slight_smile:


You can burn some 2.4x DVD+R DL disks at 6x. :bigsmile:

I can burn my “Fusion” 4x DVD+R at 12x or even at 16x. GSA-4120/4160/4163 can write them at 12x max. I can also burn Verbatim 5-color 4x DVD+R at 12x. They are all actually YUDEN000T02 though.