LG-4163B Acurate Rip Ofset

Join another forum just to tell acurate rip of this, no thanks. Maybe someone here that belongs to acurate rip, or has much interest will inform.

LG-4163B drive, have two acurate rip key discs, as follows.

Fine Young Cannibals - The Raw And The Cooked [+667]
Jean Michel Jarre - Magnetic Fields [+458]

The numbers above are what EAC constantly gives using EAC ‘detect sample ofset correction’. Many retries with same results each time.

Acurate rip database says this drive drive ofsets are +667 / 868 / 100%

Makes you wonder how accurate the database really is. If can happen once, how many more key discs have incorrect values. Acurate rip seems not to be 100% after all. :frowning: