LG 4163B, $62 delivered at Newegg

This is an $8 drop in price from last week, when, of course, I bought my drive. :sad:
Don’t wait as Newegg raises prices back up very fast.

It’s only going to become cheaper though not by very much. US$62 is already near the “bottom” price. As GSA-4165 comes out to retail, retailers will want to clear 4160/4161/4163 stock away fast. I don’t know whether GSA-4165 will be the “final” LG DVD burner.

Final as opposed to Blu-ray/HD DVD?

Last DVD writer model from LG I mean. Perhaps there will be no last thing in 2005. LG keeps releasing new CD writer models even long after the first release of 52x CD writers.

The last model will have 16x -RAM and it will be mine!


now, now, let’s not be a hog.

I might decide to want one too. :iagree:

Here’s the story on the 4165B:


I seem to have mistaken this post to mean that LG is not making anymore DVD burners after 2005. Is this correct? If not, what is it you mean.

Thanks for the clarification.