LG 4163B, $47 delivered at Newegg

A good solid burner that supports RAM. These were $62 just a few months ago.

That is a great price on a great drive, I am very happy with mine.

Though you can’t over speed 4x media it burns TY great and 16x media very well.

Yes, it does work very well,

I mainly use Ty also.

I bought mine a while back and paid $82 with shipping.

I also bought mine awhile back when A102 was the firmware and it did not burn 16x Verbs very well. I still have it but it is on my shelf with about 20 other drives. Has the new firmware helped the 16x Verbs much? I couldn’t get better than 6x out of them with A103.

Just did a search on pricegrabber.com and found this:


Their price for a 10-pack, yes I said 10-pack, of these drives is $46.50us, down from $749.00. Of course, I just placed an order and if it ships, I’ll be quite the happy guy! :bow:

Give it a try!

Typical price mistake. Make sure to check them out first, in case they just want your credit card info (order, price mistake, cancel)

Aye, I agree about the glaring price mistake. That company has a good reputation so this will be very interesting to see if it pans out. :eek:

Neweggs is a good company and they have good prices. I got mine a will back came with the A102 I got a deal then thought got it for $70. Neweggs is reliable company and if you’re looking for a burner you should get it.