LG 4163B/4165B used Externally

I’m trying to use an LG GSA-4165B in an external box with a Prolific PL-3507B bridgeboard, which is the same as they use for the 5163/5165 burners. With Prolifics recent firmware I was unable to burn audio CD’s. I downloaded and installed prolific firmware off of LG’s site that was older and made for the 5120. That enabled me to burn audio CD’s successfully, but now, via firewire, the write speed hits a limit just under 12x, whereas, it could get to 14x before. Would anyone with a 5163B for 5165B be willing to send me a copy of the prolific bridgeboard firmware that was used in your external case? You can get the firmware off the drive with Prolific’s firmware updater, which you can get from http://tech.prolific.com.tw/visitor/fcabdl.asp?fid=31998633
If anyone is willing to help out here, I would be VERY grateful. If you wanna help, you can either post a reply here, or PM me. Thanks in advance for any help!

I thought the 5163 had both firewire and USB 2 connections and your link only talks about USB.
Being IDE drives, the LGs should have no problems nor require the enclosure’s firmware upgrades.
My experience with IDE devices using external boxes never required that and I’ve an HDD and a DVD writer working this way, the first via firewire and the second having both choices.
USB 2 driver is supposed to be (?) universal and the connection IDE/USB should not see a difference between two LG generations.
Sorry for making this remarks but I’m intending to use the 4167 this way and your post made me curious about the subject.

Yes, the PL-3507 does have both firewire and USB, but to upgrade/copy/change the firmware of the PL-3507 you have to connect it via the USB. That’s the probably the reason the link only mentions the USB. I’m not sure why the LG drives have issues and require certain versions of the bridgeboard firmware, as I also have an NEC 3540 that I use in these same cases that works okay. And, since I know the 5163/5165 use the PL-3507 bridgeboards, I believe LG may customize the bridgeboards firmware to work properly with their drives. Also, both the 4163 and 4165 had the same problems with audio cd’s with firmwares from prolifics site, but worked fine (but had slower transfer rate) with LG’s bridgeboard firmware for their older 5120 drive. I’m not sure how the 4167 differs from the 4163/5 drives, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it had similar issues.

I see. Unless they are transfering via USB more that the IDE standard (what’s a bit odd) it should be an IDE to USB protocol, and only a mismatch of the implemented IDE and USB versions should require the update of the firmware, and in such a case the drive shouldn’t also work properly if installed as an internal drive via the regular IDE connector.
Have you checked if there was a difference, for instance if the 65 requires ATA 66 or up and the box was prepared for ATA 33?
The NEC seems to be 33 compatible, but taking another drive model and maker, I read that the pioneer 110 requires ATA 66 or up and it is not supposed to work with the UDMA 33 flat cables.

From what I’ve read, the 4163/5 is supposed to be UDMA66 compatible, but when plugged into an onboard IDE in another computer with a 66 compliant cable, it only shows at 33. Oh, and when hooked directly to an onboard IDE, it does work fine with no problems. But, my computer is a laptop, so that’s not an option. I’m trying to use it via firewire, as I’ve had much better luck with it over USB for external DVD’s. I really have no clue how the prolific bridgeboard firmware actually works or affects the drives operation, nor why it does. I just know that it does, and it’s definitely annoying :slight_smile:

That is not correct. The 4163B is only an ATA33 drive. I have one and I went to do some digging up of information on this a few months ago after reading that it might be a UDMA66. The drive is a UDMA2 drive, which means ATA33. I’m not sure about the 4165B, but as far as I know, no LG DVD writer is UDMA66 compatible.

I think I had this conversation with Kenshin. He knows LG burners better than anyone and I think he said UDMA 2 was the max. with the 4163.

Yeah, I agree with that, based on my experiences. But, if you look around the web, quite a few reviews and stores list it as UDMA/66 compatible, so I can definitely see where the misconception comes from. Also, still hoping someone is kind enough to help me out with the bridgeboard firmware. Thanks!

The 4165B, like 4163B are ATA33 UDMA2.
I think only Pioneers drivers are ATA66 UDMA4.