LG 4163B 1.06 Firmware, different results comparing with 1.03

Actually I have try to upgraded my LG firmware with 1.06. Try couple of burn and If a compare with 1.03 burns I notice the following difference with TYG02 printable DVD-R 8x media.

1- PI Error seem higher
2- PI Failure have dropped
3- Read curve not as smooth as it was with 1.03 (reading curve was perfect efore upgrade and know semme to have little coaster at the end of disc)

Is it better to have very lower PI Failure but higher PI Error or reverse? Go I need to be worry with the littles coasters I have on me reading curve and is it good enough to expect good compatibility playback with most reader?
Actually I have test discs on 2 Reader and seem to be read without problem.

Thanks :confused:

Everything looks fine to me. PIF errors are much worse than PIE, so dont be too worried about them.

Just so you know that slight drop in speed is most likely due to your pc doing somthing else at the same time as scanning.

The drops in speed are known as ‘Dips’ not ‘Coasters’. A Coaster is an unreadable or unuseable disc. (known as a coaster because it would only be useful as a drinks coaster).

That’s a very nice burn.

You don’t mention which firmware is used for the scan above, but I have found that the 4163 does the best job with A103 on TYG02. If you really want the best burn with this media, burn it at 4X. See my scan below.

The firmware for the scan above was 1.06. You said that 1.03 will give better burns with TYG02 but what is benefit to upgrade my firmware if older relase seem safer?

Support for newer media codes (I cannot remember which ones exactly) and fixes for burning certain types of discs. For example, between A105 and A106 - the difference is supposed to be “improvement in burning 16x DVD-R media”. I finally found out what that cryptic thing means - it fixes a problem where certain 16x DVD-R discs are written in such a way that the disc is unreadable on some drives. The 4163B itself can read the discs it burns but other drives cannot even recognise it. I have verified this with TTH02 (TDK 16x DVD-R) discs. I had problems getting the discs to be read on certain drives when burned with A105. With A106, no problems at all.

If you only plan to burn TYG02, then I suppose there is little reason to upgrade.