Lg 4163

hello. I used to have a LG 4120, which works fine until I upgraded the firmware. No all the discs that I have bought are no longer recognised (infiniti, imation and Ridisc). Thought that I’ve busted the drive, so opted for the new LG 4163. Installation went smooth, and proper cables went where there’ supposed to go. Switched on pc, opened the drive, insert a blanc disc and oops sill not recognised. Incidentally DVDs can be opened and played fine on my pc. All 3 types are not recognised. So now I have the option to buy new discs or maybe update the firmware. So now downloaded a new versio but read the readme file this time and behold it said not to updat for OEM unit and mine one is… So What should I do to upgrade the firmware? Help appreciated.


I think you’ll get better results if you post this thread on the LG specific forum and not the general hardware forum. Lots of helpful people there for you. :slight_smile:

Firmware is here:

but I am fairly sure your problem is not firmware. As you have two different drives with the same problem it is more likely hardware or OS. I would look at new cables, check power connections, try a different IDE connection, remove all but the basics and see what happens, check BIOS setup to see that your drive is there.