LG 4163 Won't Burn Verbatim?



Hi everybody, I’m the n00b here. First post (and also first thread).

Just got myself LG 4163 to compliment my NEC ND-1300A. It is said in the manual that the LG will work with Mitsubishi double layer blanks, and since Verbatim is produced by Mitsubishi I assumed it would work. Turned out I couldn’t burn more than 4.7 GB (single layer). Tried it with a 3.6 GB data and it burned alright, but not with my 7 GB data.

Any idea why this is so? My computer is a bit old, Duron 1000 MHz with 640 MB RAM, Motherboard Asus A7V266-E, burning with Nero 6 under Windows XP.

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:


It’s supported. Maybe you can do a 1 to 1 exchange/RMA & try another one.


Thanks for the quick reply Sen.

What does RMA stand for? Do you mean go back to the shop and trade it for an identical burner?


RMA stands for Return Merchandize Authorization, something like getting a replacement. Actually it’s the Verbatim DL media i’m talking about. I got a coaster too the 1st time i wrote with TDK 820N, got it replaced & the 2nd burn was successful. :slight_smile:


Okay, thanks a bunch. I can’t return the blank because I’ve tried to burn data into it (< 4.7 GB, Nero said it was successful but the result cannot be read at all). BTW my Philips single layer blank which usually works with my NEC is not detectable by LG either, although it could read the burned result. But then again, Philips is not in the list of supported blanks by LG.


Maybe I should get new disks for my failed MCC004 and MKM001 as well. (They were lost in TS-H552B, not LG though.) :sad:


Bought another Verbatim DL medium today, and the drive failed to recognize it again. It says “H:\ is not accessible. Incorrect function.”

The DVD+R cover doesn’t have any model name, it only says “Verbatim Double Layer DVD+R 8.5 GB, Reorder 43459, barcode 0 23942 43459 7”.

I am asking because the user’s manual of 4163 says it needs Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or higher with E-IDE interface on motherboard. Is my Duron 1 GHz and Asus A7V266E too old? I’m considering between exchanging my LG with the same model (maybe mine is just defect) or getting an NEC ND-3500 instead. :frowning:


I have burned over 20 Mitsubishi MKM001 DL media so far, on LG 4120B, 4160B, 4163B, Pioneer DVR-A08, BenQ DW1620A Pro, Lite-On, TSST. Only one error from TSST TS-H552B. All others worked as expected, all with good write quality.

I’m not sure why a Duron 1000MHz system should cause a DL burning to fail.

“H:\ is not accessible. Incorrect function.”

For all disks or just MKM001?


Then it could be a faulty drive afterall. :o


Actually i might be getting TS-H552B just for fun. :o

Still waiting for A locally… :stuck_out_tongue:


TS-H552B’s almost forgotten in South Korea. :sad:


Okay I don’t know what to say now. Basically I had two problems: the new drive that won’t recognizing blanks and Nero that won’t burn DL.

In my desperation I reinstalled Windows (was long overdue anyway) and lo and behold, the Verbatim DL blanks are now recognized as such by 4163 (before it was “inaccessible” and “incorrect function”).

So problem number one solved. Problem number two: I tried to burn with Nero but it said my data (7 GB) is too big for the 8.5 DVD+R. Tried Power Producer and it burned without any glitch! I have Nero, I guess that version cannot burn DL. Which version is everybody using?

I guess now both of my problems are solved and I could burn with my new 4163, yay! Although I’d still like to use Nero in the future, I have come to love it. Nero’s just the best. I just have to get the newest version that’s all.

To Sen and Kenshin, thanks for trying to help. Really appreciate it :slight_smile:


umgekehrt, you can try the latest Nero, i’m using it. :slight_smile:


You can also consider using DVD Decrypter (great freeware!) which seems to have less problems with DL media as compared to Nero.


At least any Nero Burning Rom starting with 6.6. will be OK. I tried to and couldn’t find a serious problem. (Burned less than 100 times so not an extensive test at all.)

Wasting DL media hmmm because of Windows problems and wrong Nero versions sound like very expensive experiences. Can’t the manufacturers provide something that is very easy to manufacture and just can be used for DL testing?


DVD Decrypter to burn DVDs hmm that’s a good idea. I have it but so far have only used it to rip DVD videos. I’ll try it too, thanks :slight_smile:

About the wasted DL medium, okay it was only one piece of Verbatim blank that I bought for €8.99. It was pretty expensive (compared to the SL medium that you can get for less than €1 nowadays) but I was ready for one or two failed burns, so no worries mate :smiley:


my friend is on her 3rd LG 4163 dvd burner after having the first two replaced for not reading any DVDs whatsoever, though cd were ok. As a result, i ended up purchasing a pioneer 108 instead. According to our two local wholesalers, this particular LG burner has the highest return rate they have ever seen. This is disappointing, as I have had two LG cd/rw burners in the past and they have been fantastic.
hopefully this is just a temporary issue.




Welcome to CDFreaks. I guess you can now enjoy your Pioneer@Piodata drive.


Thank you.

I was quite prepared to get myself the LG. The amount of hours we spent experimetning with that drive trying to get it to work - I almost went grey. When the replacement drive did the same thing, you begin to think it is your computer rather than the drive. The third replacement drive appears to work flawlessly. Hopefully just a fauly batch.



Actually, before I read your 4th post, I was looking for information and files regarding the Piodata firmware. Flashman’s site is offline right now.

Both Hitachi-LG and Pioneer need to change their policies regarding DVD+RW/+R/+R DL bitsetting. NEC and TSST as well.